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How to Enhance Your Profile for the Best Version of Yourself

Dr. Sherman understands that patients are concerned about the way they look in photos and can be self-conscious of their profiles. Recently, Dr. Sherman sat down with eHealth Radio to discuss how her work enhances her patients’ profiles so that they can see the best version of themselves.

Tune into this interview with Eric Michaels & Dr. Deborah Sherman and learn the answers to these questions:

    • Dr. Sherman, tell us why women and men are so concerned about their profile these days?
    • What are characteristics of your profile that are preferable and what characteristics are less than desirable?
    • Is surgery the only answer for enhancing your profile? How about nonsurgical treatment options? Most people do not want to have any downtime or miss work?
    • Could you review the Nonsurgical options for the lower 1/3 of the face that make up the “Social angle” as you call it that we all see in photos and when interacting socially?
    • How does a person that wants to look better in photos or doesn’t like their profile learn what they need to get a youthful profile?

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