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Hear directly from our satisfied patients as they share their personal journeys and the positive impact eyelid surgery has had on their lives.

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Cosmetic Cases

See the stunning results of our advanced cosmetic procedures. Hear firsthand from our patients about their cosmetic journeys. Watch videos and view photos that showcase their transformations and discover how our expert care has enhanced their confidence and lives.

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Cosmetic Case 1 Lid Retraction

When a friend asked me about the Sherman Aesthetic Center, I tell them all about what the SAC has done for me. As stereotypical as it sounds I really did visit the SAC as a prelude to an upcoming class reunion. I was treated with great respect and my individual needs were addressed very specifically and a plan was devised to meet my aesthetic needs  as well as fit into the restraints of my pocketbook. The results were amazing, resulting in higher self esteem and confidence. The quality of care and professionalism is unsurpassed. Whenever I receive a compliment, the first three words out of my mouth are “Sherman Aesthetic Center!” The biggest difference I notice after my treatments at the Sherman Aesthetic Center was that I had more self confidence at work and in my social life. I felt as though I had joined Ponce de Leon at his fountain. The reason the Sherman Aesthetic Center is my first choice for care is the kindness of Dr. Sherman and her staff.


My Personal Story

In my fifties I went through a hemorrhagic stroke, cancer and a divorce resulting in major loss of income. While raising teenage daughters, I was thrown out into the working and dating jungle. Carrying lots of baggage and nursing a broken heart, I needed all the help I could get. The “lift” Dr. Sherman gave me lifted much more than my droopy lids. I went from feeling like a Chinese Shar pei to a confidant woman after walking through the doc of the SAC. Dr. Sherman and her staff lifted my spirits and gave me confidence to move ahead in a world obsessed with youth. Of course it’s what is inside our hearts that is always the most important, but when we are able to do something that can make us feel better about our packaging, it raises our confidence, which in turn raises our productivity which in turn helps us to become more fulfilled. Dr. Sherman and her staff look at the whole person… where we are in every way and they help us choose what is best for us. That’s what they have done for me. I will forever be grateful.

Cosmetic Case 2

I am the type of person that I thought would NEVER have any type cosmetic surgery.  I felt I would grow old gracefully…..boy was I wrong!  I had a consultation at the Sherman Aesthetic Center and was given in great detail, information concerning a browlift,  and upper and lower eyelid surgery. I did not feel pressured into deciding on surgery, just given all my options.  I went home to think about it, and allowed myself time to consider if the surgery was right for me.  Feeling very informed and my questions answered, I scheduled my surgery.  I am thrilled with the results, but most importantly, I still look like me, just a younger version.  Thanks, Dr. Sherman!

Cosmetic Case 3 Upper Bleph, Lower Bleph

I am the type of person that I thought would NEVER have any type cosmetic surgery.  I felt I would grow old gracefully…..boy was I wrong!  I had a consultation at the Sherman Aesthetic Center and was given in great detail, information concerning a browlift,  and upper and lower eyelid surgery. I did not feel pressured into deciding on surgery, just given all my options.  I went home to think about it, and allowed myself time to consider if the surgery was right for me.  Feeling very informed and my questions answered, I scheduled my surgery.  I am thrilled with the results, but most importantly, I still look like me, just a younger version.  Thanks, Dr. Sherman!


Cosmetic Case 4 Upper Bleph, Lower Bleph

I had a client who told me, “If you’re going to do anything with your eyes, you really need to go see Deb Sherman. She’s the best in town.” They made me feel like I was queen for a day. And most important, she did the best job. I was so pleased. I would never suggest that anyone go anywhere else!


Cosmetic Case 5

As the years have gone by, I noticed more and more that I was unhappy with the way my eyes looked.  After consulting with Dr. Sherman, I decided that this simple and effective procedure was for me! I had a great experience with the whole staff at Sherman Aesthetic Center and was very pleased with the work Dr. Sherman did.  I now like looking in the mirror at what I see!

Cosmetic Case 6 Endobrow, Upper Bleph, Lower Bleph

Dr. Sherman is a wonderful doctor, plus she’s a very personable doctor…and she has a wonderful staff. I am so excited with my surgery. I don’t look tired anymore!


No Down Time Cases

See the stunning results of our advanced cosmetic procedures. Our skilled team specializes in creating natural, beautiful enhancements tailored to your unique needs. Discover our no downtime cases, where patients experience remarkable transformations without the need for lengthy recovery periods.

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No Down Time Case 1BOTOX

I have been coming to the Sherman Aesthetic Center for BOTOX Cosmetic now for several years.  I would not think of going anywhere else!  The great results I have received have been to the credit of a master injector!  People are my business and I feel confident that my appearance is giving the right message of how I feel. Self confidence and approachability are a must in my business, and thanks to Dr. Sherman I have them both!

No Down Time Case 2 BOTOX

Who doesn’t want to look younger?  I had heard about Botox Cosmetic for years and never thought that I would be interested in doing the treatment for wrinkles…….until I noticed my own wrinkles around my eyes.  I am very active and love to bike ride. Although loving this physical activity and the health benefits, it also causes me to be outside in the threat of sun damage. I found myself squinting constantly and therefore, causing excessive wrinkling of the skin around my eyes.  I took the plunge and went to Sherman Aesthetic Center.  I had heard that Dr. Deborah Sherman was a National spokesperson for Botox.  She travels extensively around the country teaching other doctors and injectors how to inject this miracle wrinkle-smoothing treatment.  This was the type person I felt I could trust.  I had Botox injected around my eyes and within days, my wrinkles were smooth.  I feel as good now about my appearance as I do about my love for biking…. thanks to Dr. Sherman!

No Down Time Case 3 BOTOX

Four years ago, I was a drug rep, and I called on Dr. Sherman and I had seen what her office was able to do. I was very concerned because like many other people, I was experiencing the “11” that cause me to have a frown on my face or look like I was frustrated a lot. BOTOX really helped to alleviate that issue that I experienced and has given me a more youthful appearance as I have aged through the years.


No Down Time Case 4 BOTOX

I have been in the housing and commercial reconstruction business for years since college.  I have always been told I look young for my age.  Although I may have a youthful face, my job requires many hours in the sun.  I’d noticed that people weren’t telling me this as much, since the wrinkles were more etched on my brow and around my eyes from years of squinting and frowning due to the weather.  I went to Sherman Aesthetic Center asking for advice.  I knew my age wasn’t as much a factor but the wrinkles were bothering me and getting deeper by the year. I had Botox Cosmetic and was surprised to see the difference.  I looked natural, but the wrinkles were gone!  Now, I’m hearing the “young face” comments again!  Thanks Dr.Sherman!!

No Down Time Case 5 Filler, BOTOX

I had wanted to have BOTOX and Juvéderm, so I did some research. And in the research, I had found that Dr. Sherman was the most knowledgeable and had the most experience in both of those products.


No Down Time Case 6 Lower Bleph, Filler

Before I came to the Sherman Aesthetic Center, I felt that I was looking older than my years.  I wanted to improve my appearance, but was afraid that I would not look like me. Dr. Sherman and the staff made me feel comfortable with the choices that I were given.  I started with Botox and Fillers, and then realized that my upper and lower eyelids were the main factor that was aging me. I had my upper and lower eyelids surgically enhanced and I am thrilled!! I feel that the outside now reflects the way I feel on the inside. I would recommend Dr. Sherman to everyone!  Her main focus is to give you a natural, more youthful appearance, and trust me, she delivers! Thank you so much Dr. Sherman!


No Down Time Case 7 Filler

I have been considering cosmetic enhancements for a couple of years now, but did not want to go through surgery. I was not happy with my appearance, feeling like I was looking older than my years. I had heard of Dr. Deborah Sherman through a friend of mine that had attended one of her seminars. In this seminar, Dr. Sherman stated that you could look younger without surgery, with no down time, and have immediate results from a thirty minute treatment in her office. Well, when my friend told me this, I immediately scheduled an appointment. First, I was given a free facial analysis, which allowed me to express my concerns and helped Dr. Sherman know which treatment was appropriate for me. It was suggested I have facial filler to fill the loss of volume around my lower face. In less than thirty minutes, I felt I looked ten years younger!! I would highly recommend Dr. Sherman and the Sherman Aesthetic Center and would not dream of going anywhere else.

No Down Time Case 8 Fillers

I looked in the mirror and knew I needed facial enhancement.  I did not like the sunken depressed area around my mouth.  I also felt the lines from my nose to my mouth were much too deep.  I was excited to find out this could be corrected immediately!  I went to Sherman Aesthetic Center and had facial fillers injected in my problem areas.  I am thrilled!  I not only look younger, I feel it also reflects how I feel on the inside too.  Thanks Dr. Sherman!

No Down Time Case 9 Fillers

The years were showing on my face and I wondered if I were too old for facial enhancements. I went to Sherman Aesthetic Center and had a free facial analysis and was told they could improve my look. I felt the deep folds around my mouth were making me look sad and older than I was. I was treated with facial filler and the folds were immediately smoother. It did not take all my wrinkles and folds away, but greatly improved my appearance. The experienced master injectors at Sherman Aesthetic Center allowed me to have realistic expectations, and I felt the whole experience was gratifying. I not only look younger, I look happier!

No Down Time Case 10 Fillers

I would look in the mirror and not recognize the person looking back.  I just couldn’t imagine how the years had come and gone, leaving me with the folds and wrinkles on my face.  I didn’t know much about my options until I went to the Sherman Aesthetic Center.  I was given a free facial analysis, and they encouraged me to point out things that bothered me.  Then with the expertise of the master injectors at the Sherman Aesthetic Center, they explained my options and realistic expectations.  I was well informed about facial fillers and the benefits prior to my treatment.  I had filler injected around my mouth and could not believe the instant change.  I not only look younger, but my self confidence has been lifted also!!  I encourage anyone that wants a natural, improved version of  themselves, to visit Sherman Aesthetic Center.

No Down Time Case 11 Latisse

After talking to Dr. Sherman, my mom went on Latisse. And it was amazing seeing her lashes grow back and reform themselves into a thicker, longer, more luxurious looking lashes. I wanted the same lashes as well! I’ve started using it and absolutely love the result that it offers.


No Down Time Case 12 Latisse

Dr. Sherman and her staff are extremely professional, knowledgable and they made my experience a very enjoyable one. After about 4 weeks of using Latisee, I had noticably thicker, longer lashes. They are the best!

My Personal Story

I have been a faithful user of latisse for about 6 months now and couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks to Latisse I have amazing lashes and constantly get compliments and people ask if I have extensions.  It took about 4 weeks to notice thicker, darker, and much longer lashes.

No Down Time Case 13 Permanent Makeup Application

I had permanent makeup years ago and swore I would NEVER try it again! I had my upper and lower eyelids tattooed and it was done with a machine. It was extremely painful and the worst thing about the experience is that the color didn’t stay. I went through that without the benefit of having anything to show for it. I had heard about the newer hand-held tool technique that involves a specific needle assembly with plant dye application, that make permanent makeup application as pain-free and easy as possible. I researched who specialized in this technique and was directed to the Sherman Aesthetic Center. I felt immediately at ease with the professionalism and knowledge that Linda demonstrated. I actually fell asleep while she was doing the procedure! No pain, but great results!! I love waking up with makeup! Thanks Linda and Sherman Aesthetic Center!!

Reconstructive Cases

Witness the transformative power of our reconstructive cases. Our skilled team excels in restoring beauty and confidence through personalized reconstructive procedures. Explore stories of resilience and renewal as our patients share their journeys through photos and videos. Experience firsthand the remarkable transformations and renewed hope brought about by our expert care.

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Reconstructive Case 1 Ptosis

I’ve always had droopy eyes since I was a baby. I came to see Dr. Sherman about it. I was nervous and concerned, but she answered all my questions and she made me feel very well about it. I am very pleased with my results!


Reconstructive Case 2 Eyelid Surgery

My family and I have owned a greenhouse business for years.  I not only do the management part of the business, but I am active also in the planting designs.  My eyes have been “lazy” looking for years, and were getting worse with age.  I had difficulty seeing and it was affecting my work.  My regular eye doctor referred me to Dr. Sherman because he said she was the best.  I trusted his opinion and made the appointment to see her.  I was not disappointed!  She and her staff made me feel at ease, gave me full explanations of what my problem was.  I had the surgery and could see more than I had in years.  After the post op healing, my eyes were more open and I didn’t have to lift my forehead just to see.  I’m so glad I trusted my eye doctor to refer me to the best!

Reconstructive Case 2 Ectropion

When I learned that I needed eyelid surgery, the only name that came to my mind was Dr. Debbie Sherman. She is a skilled surgeon, and above all that, she cares for each of her patients. I am very satisfied with my surgery. My eyes are much better, and I appreciate Dr. Sherman very much.


Reconstructive Case 4 Eyelid Surgery

For many people, the discomfort from thyroid eye disease can be treated with topical lubricants, medications, or surgery.  While it may not be possible to completely eliminate all of the consequences of thyroid eye disease, surgery can be successful in restoring the health to the eye and improve the cosmetic appearance.  I was miserable, experiencing burning, irritation, and redness of both my eyes.  I was desperate to find someone to help me, not only to decrease my discomfort, but to help my eyes look normal again.  Dr. Sherman came to my rescue!  She explained what type surgery I needed and why.  Just look at my pictures and see why I am so thankful that my doctor referred me to the best!!

Reconstructive Case 5 Eyelid Surgery

I was diagnosed with skin cancer of the lower lid of the right eye. Three office surgical procedures were necessary to totally excise the cancer. My lower lid was scarred down and grossly retracted. When I closed my eye the lid did not cover the eyeball. I woke each morning with intense dryness and irritation. I sought out the advice of multiple colleagues and friends. Dr. Sherman was on most of everyone’s list of recommended surgeons. I eventually underwent the reconstruction of the lower lid. The scarring was so significant that tissue was taken from the roof of my mouth to build up the lid. The procedure went flawlessly; the post period uneventful and the result is perfect. I can not recommend highly enough Dr. Sherman’s surgical skills and her compassion. The front office, billing and nursing staff were equally professional, cordial and sincerely kind.

Reconstructive Case 6 Upper Bleph, External Brow Ptosis, Botox

After my surgery—I had an eyebrow lift—I asked Dr. Sherman if there is something else that might make my vision better and make me look even more rested. We discussed Botox injections, and they make me look much more rested…and actually make my vision better also! I’m very, very pleased with the results of my injections on top of my surgery.


Reconstructive Case 7 Enucleation

Because of Diabetes, I lost the sight of my right eye. Soon after that, the pressure went up in my right eye to the point that the pain became unbearable, and the best solution was to remove the eye. Dr. Sherman saw me in consultation and explained step by step each part of the surgery so I knew what to expect. The surgery went very well and I woke up pain free. Several weeks later I was able to have a custom artificial eye made by a talented ocularist which fit beautifully! The surgery (enucleation) to remove my eye was performed by Dr. Sherman over 15 years ago. I have never regretted having the enuceation procedure as after the surgery, my eyes looked more natural than before the surgery. Surgery with Dr. Sherman took away the pain so that I could enjoy my life to the fullest which believe me, I do enjoy life everyday!


Reconstructive Case 8 Eyelid Surgery

I was told that having thyroid eye disease I may experience changes around my eyes.  I was also told I may have prominent eyes, a staring expression and infrequent blinking.  I started experiencing eye problems which resulted in all symptoms I just mentioned. I had never heard of this disease and suddenly I have it!  My doctor referred me to Dr. Deborah Sherman and I have to say, thank God!!  She monitored me for quite some time, evaluating my progress.  When my condition was stable she did surgery on my upper and lower eyelids. I can’t express my gratitude for her expertise in the area and how much better I feel.  My eyes no longer hurt and I don’t avoid mirrors anymore! Thanks Dr. Sherman!

Reconstructive Case 9 Ptosis

I chose Dr. Sherman because everyone told me she was the best in town. Now I know from personal experience she is the best in town! She changed my life forever. Thank you, Dr. Sherman!


Reconstructive Case 10 Eyelid Surgery

I understand now what that old saying means…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I could see my father in the mirror more every day.  My upper eyelids had gotten so stretched and drooping that I couldn’t see but a small portion of the color part of my eyes.  That’s what I remembered my Father looking like as he aged. I was having problems seeing to drive and feeling so tired at the end of the day, trying to keep my eyes open. I went for a consultation at Dr. Sherman’s office and find out my insurance would approve my eyelid surgery.  I had the surgery and can see so much better!  Thanks to Dr. Sherman, I not only can see better, I look more rested.

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