Understanding Post-Menopausal Skin

During menopause, the body undergoes a decrease in estrogen levels, directly affecting the skin. Estrogen is instrumental in stimulating fat deposits over the female body; as estrogen levels drop, these fat layers thin out, reducing the skin’s natural plumpness and elasticity. This hormonal change also results in decreased production of collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for the skin’s youthful firmness and stretch. Furthermore, as the skin's capacity to hold moisture decreases, it becomes drier and loses its suppleness.

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How We Can Help

At Sherman Aesthetic Center, we specialize in addressing the unique challenges of post-menopausal skin with a holistic approach we refer to as "skin fitness." Like your body needs tailored nutrition and exercise, your skin needs specialized care designed to restore balance and vitality. If you're noticing the effects of menopausal changes on your skin, we invite you to schedule a skin consultation with our experts. Let us help you develop a personalized skin fitness plan that nourishes, protects, and revitalizes your skin.

Common Changes to the Skin Post-Menopause


Lower estrogen levels mean your skin can no longer retain moisture as efficiently as it once could, resulting in increased dryness.

Loss of Elasticity

Skin tends to sag and wrinkle more readily with decreased collagen and elastin.

Increased Sensitivity

Thinner, drier skin is more prone to irritation and may react more strongly to products or environmental factors than before.

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Skincare Ingredients That Benefit Post-Menopausal Skin

Nurturing your skin during and after menopause requires ingredients that target its specific needs. Hydrators like hyaluronic acid and glycerin are crucial for boosting moisture retention and can help to lock in moisture, restoring suppleness and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ingredients that support collagen production, such as retinoids and peptides, can help improve firmness and texture. Antioxidants like vitamins C and E in products work to protect the skin from further damage. At Sherman Aesthetic Center, our skincare experts can help you choose the right products to cater to the nuanced needs of post-menopausal skin, ensuring that your regimen supports a healthy, youthful complexion.

How to Care for Post-Menopausal Skin

Adapting your skincare routine to accommodate the changes your skin is going through is key. The following are steps you can take to care for post-menopausal skin:

  • Gentle Cleansing: Use a soft cleanser that doesn’t strip away your body’s essential oils.
  • Rich Moisturizing: Apply heavier creams with emollients and humectants to deeply hydrate and seal in moisture.
  • Sun Protection: Always use sunscreen to protect against UV damage, which can exacerbate aging signs.

During your personalized consultation at Sherman Aesthetic Center, our medical aesthetic professionals will take the time to assess your unique skin type and any specific symptoms or concerns you have. Based on this thorough evaluation, we will craft a customized skincare regimen tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring your skin receives the best possible care tailored to the unique challenges of post-menopausal skin.

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Why Choose Sherman Aesthetic Center?

Under the leadership of Dr. Deborah Sherman and Dr. Mark Melson, our team brings over 50 years of combined expertise in addressing complex skin concerns, including those brought on by menopause. Our practice utilizes medical-grade skincare and the latest technologies to guarantee that our patients receive top-quality care. The Sherman Aesthetic Center team is committed to creating a skincare routine that effectively addresses the unique challenges of post-menopausal skin. If you are experiencing the effects of menopause on your skin, let Sherman Aesthetic Center help you develop a skincare program tailored specifically for you. Contact our Nashville office to schedule your consultation and discover how to manage and embrace the changes with confidence and grace.

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