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We believe that aesthetic surgery, injectables and office based skin treatments can allow your face to return to a refreshed and natural appearance.

Our goal is to achieve natural restoration with minimal downtime. This is accomplished by restoring your anatomy in a proportional manner so those who see you cannot always figure out what exactly has been done. Instead they only notice that you have a fresher and more rested look!

Board Certified and fellowship trained in Eye Plastic Surgery, Dr. Deborah Sherman brings the highest standards of integrity with medical and surgical excellence, helping patients enhance their beauty. Her surgical expertise, artistic aesthetic approach, and sound judgment have earned her an international reputation for providing patients with refreshed and natural results.

Your new look can last for years and be more affordable than you think. We offer a large repertoire of non-surgical and surgical options to help you achieve the look you desire and deserve.

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Dr. Sherman in the media

Dr. Deborah Sherman has been featured in many local and national television programs such as FOX News and CNN, educating physicians and patients about what they need to know to get the best results with their aesthetic treatments.

Find us at 28 White Bridge Pike, Suite 205 | Nashville, TN 37205

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"When a friend asks me about the Sherman Aesthetic Center, I tell them…the results were amazing, resulting in higher self esteem and confidence. The quality of care and professionalism is unsurpassed. Whenever I receive a compliment, the first three words out of my mouth are, 'Sherman Aesthetic Center!'"

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Cosmetic Surgery

Enhance and refresh your face with cosmetic eyelid lift to remove excess skin and unwanted bags under the eyes. Click here for more information about the aesthetic surgeries we offer

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