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Deborah Sherman MD is Board-certified and fellowship trained in plastic surgery around the eyes. As an ophthalmologist, she takes great care to enhance and protect your eyes and vision. As a fellowship-trained eye plastic surgeon with specialty training for cosmetic procedures around the eyes, she knows what procedure will make your eyes look fresh and natural. With over twenty years of experience and the highest level of training for eyebrow lifts, why trust your eyes to anyone else?

Dr. Sherman at the Sherman Aesthetic Center, offers the most advanced and least surgically invasive approach to “lift” the eyebrow area, which is the endoscopic brow lift surgery, or endobrow lift procedure. With a small incision and slender telescope, an endoscopic eyebrow lift raises the eyebrows which will achieve a more youthful eyebrow arch and position. Endobrow Lift is a safe, effective procedure that uses the latest, most state-of-the-art techniques and instruments to give our patients outstanding results.

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Endobrow Lift

The earliest signs of aging emerge in the upper face. With time, one can develop heavy or low brows that can create excess skin above the eyes that can block peripheral vision or make the eyes and face look tired. Horizontal lines and furrows (frown lines) form above the brow, and the eyebrows descend, shrinking the appearance of the eyes. These changes make a person appear tired, worried, and even angry.

The most advanced endoscopic forehead lift (endobrow lift) is a minimally invasive surgery that gently repositions and elevates the eyebrows and reduces frown lines, thereby removing brow heaviness, opening the eyes and smoothing the forehead, all performed through hidden incisions behind the hairline. The result: a refreshed youthful appearance. In some patients, a direct brow lift is the preferred approach to achieve an optimal brow lift to give a natural result. During your customized consultation, your unique facial anatomy will be examined to determine which brow lift is right for you.

Endobrow Lift Procedure

  • The procedure is painless, thanks to customized anesthesia.
  • Three to five small button hole incisions will be made at the edge of the hairline.
  • During endoscopic surgery, the tissue will be repositioned and the brow depressor muscles (Corrugator and Procerus) will be released, and the brow will be lifted to its new position.
  • Sutures will be placed deep in the tissues to hold the brow in the new elevated positon.
  • Sutures will be used to close the button hole incisions.
  • The procedure will take approximately one hour, depending on the patient.
  • An Endobrow lift is often performed along with other surgeries, such as eyelid lifts.

Fast Recovery

The endoscopic brow lift procedure has several advantages over other types of surgical brow lifts. It only requires three to five small incisions (about one inch in length) instead of the traditional ear-to-ear incision, allowing faster recovery time and inconspicuous scarring.

Direct Brow Lift

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direct-brow-lift-with-upper-lid-lift-nashville direct-brow-lift-with-upper-lid-lift-nashville

The oldest and simplest surgical approach to correct your brows is a less invasive eyebrow lift, or direct brow lift.

Using the most current, cutting-edge techniques and instruments, combined with Dr. Deborah Sherman’s surgical expertise, specialized skill, and vast experience, you can achieve wonderful results.

Gravity, age and genetic inclination are the most common causes of ptosis, or droopy eyebrows. A direct browlift is a safe and effective surgical approach to correct this problem. It can be performed on any patient, but is ideally suited for those with healthy, heavy brows. The direct browlift can be done on both brows or just on one side.

During your consultation for a brow lift, you will be advised as to whether your symptoms and findings meet the functional insurance guidelines. If the procedure is cosmetic, a written estimate will be provided.

Direct Brow Lift Procedure

  • The procedure is painless, thanks to customized anesthesia.
  • Incisions will be placed immediately above the brows, following the natural curve of the eyebrow or a pre-existing horizontal forehead wrinkle.
  • The incision will be made above the brow with an ellipse of tissue removed, and the brows will be raised to their new position.
  • Sutures that gradually dissolve will be used to close the incisions.
  • The procedure will take approximately one hour or less, depending on the patient.
  • Direct brow lift surgery is often performed along with other surgeries, like eyelid lifts/blepharoplasty.

How do I maximize success with my surgery?

  • Eat a nutrient-rich diet to help your body heal and recover faster.
  • If you smoke, please refrain from doing so for two weeks before and several weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid taking products that thin your blood such as those that contain aspirin or ibuprofen prior to surgery. Ask us for a comprehensive list of medications to avoid.
  • Discuss all medications, vitamins and herbs with your surgeon prior to surgery.
  • Do not eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery.
  • Be sure you do not have a sunburn the day of your surgery.
  • Do not wear makeup or contact lenses to your surgery.
  • Have someone drive you the day of surgery and plan to stay with you for a day or two while you recover.

Fast Recovery

  • The direct brow lift procedure has the advantage of reducing the heavy lid caused by droopy brows, opening the eyes achieving a proportional natural and refreshed look.
  • This procedure can be performed alone or in combination with an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty.
  • Although patients will probably feel ready to return to work within seven to ten days following the procedure, they should plan to take it easy and limit rigorous activity for several weeks.
  • Prolonged heat and sun exposure should be limited for several months.

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