Top 10 Winter Beauty Tips

The cold winter weather can strip your skin of its natural moisture. To help combat winter dryness, Sherman Aesthetic Center created this infographic with ten helpful winter beauty tips. Follow these tips so you can have glowing skin all season … Continue reading

3 Approaches to Stop Brown Spots in Their Tracks

3 Approaches to Stop Brown Spots in Their Tracks!   Welcome to December! There is a chill in the air, Christmas is on its way, and your time laying in the sun is (mostly) gone. Once your tan has worn off … Continue reading

Juvederm Volbella XC Infographic

Sherman Aesthetic Center created this infographic on the newest FDA-approved facial filler, Juvéderm Volbella XC, to help their patients understand what it does, how it works, and how it’s different from other fillers. Juvéderm Volbella can help individuals receive the perfect … Continue reading

Kybella Journal: What can I expect? Notes and thoughts from a real patient

Kybella Journal: Kathy If you’ve looked into Kybella, the newest FDA-approved treatment for fullness beneath the chin, you’ve probably read about side effects and the end result: reduction of double chin. But what happens in the days and weeks in … Continue reading

5 Things to Know about Kybella

Sherman Aesthetic Center created a Kybella infographic to discuss five things everyone considering the procedure should know. Kybella is the first FDA-approved injectable treatment to help contour and improve appearance of submental fullness, or “double chin.” Kybella is a 2-minute … Continue reading

Dr. Sherman Joins eHealth Radio to Discuss Wrinkle Busters 101

Wrinkle Busters 101 Dr. Deborah Sherman, Board Certified Ophthalmologist and fellowship trained Eye Plastic Surgeon and Founder of Sherman Aesthetic Center, located in Nashville, TN joins eHealth Radio & the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to discuss how to give your … Continue reading

Aging Lips

  Getting Lippy   Aging Lips As we age, it often feels as if our faces “melt”. We often hear “It looks like someone held a candle near my face, and it just started melting!” or “Gravity, baby. It’s all … Continue reading

Brow Lift: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a brow lift? A brow lift is a surgical procedure that is performed to return the brow back to its natural, refreshed position. We tend to get horizontal wrinkles across our forehead-why? Because we all tend to … Continue reading

Antioxidants from the Inside Out

Starting this journey I knew what antioxidants did for my body but what I didn’t know is what I was missing by not using them on my face and décolleté. For those of you who don’t know, antioxidants play a … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions: Lip Augmentation & Enhancement

1. What is the best filler for Lip enhancement? With a growing number of fillers available, it is even more important to go to a Master Injector who has advanced knowledge to determine which filler will create the most NATURAL … Continue reading

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