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How to Get Injectables Without Looking Overdone

Are you interested in trying Botox and fillers but worried they might make you look weird or overdone? You’re not alone. It’s a valid concern. Chances are, you’ve seen someone who’s gone too far with their face…and that image always comes to mind when you consider diving into the world of injectables, keeping you from taking the plunge once again. Is it even possible to get a subtle, natural-looking result? If so, how?

First, it’s important to understand that what you’re seeing isn’t always the result of injectables alone. Often, there has been plastic surgery or other procedures involved as well.

When it is an injectable issue, filler or neuromodulators (i.e. Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) were often injected in the wrong amount, in the wrong place, with the wrong product.

The answer to our question about achieving natural results is YES. You can have a beautiful, natural result with injectables that does NOT make you look strange or like a different person. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The person you choose to inject you is the most important decision you’ll make. You should seek a Master Injector who understands the anatomy of the face, who injects safely and conservatively. They should be experienced and well-trained.
  2. Communicate with your injector. Tell your injector what you’re hoping to achieve, your concerns, your budget, etc. We offer a free facial analysis with our injectors prior to your treatment. This is a great time to discuss your concerns and how they can be addressed.
  3. Build a relationship. This is actually a really important part of the process. Getting to know your injector and letting them get to know you on a personal level-your lifestyle, your activities, things that are important to you will help them to understand your wants and needs. It also builds trust and opens up more honest communication to help you both achieve your goals.
  4. Be accepting when the answer is “no”. A good injector doesn’t always say yes to every injection request. There are areas that are “no-fly zones” that are dangerous to inject, and sometimes more filler or Botox isn’t the answer. A great Master Injector should have your best interests at heart, and sometimes that means saying no.
  5. Understand that filler is a process. Amazing results are not achieved in one session. Depending on your age, volume loss, and skin quality, it may take several visits to achieve your desired results. We will communicate this with you as we develop your customized plan.

We would love to see you at the Sherman Aesthetic Center to help you achieve a natural, refreshed look. Our Master Injectors are knowledgeable, experienced, highly trained, and caring. Call us for a free facial analysis at 615-297-5798!

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Skincare is Self Care

As summer approaches and businesses are slowly reopening, we are cautiously re-entering our new normal. For many, this means going back to work, getting back to the grind (albeit a different kind of grind, with face masks and distancing), and potentially more stress. Amid the pandemic and being isolated at home, things have been brought to light that we’ve been too distracted to notice in our busy lives. It has forced us to slow down (way down) and focus on the most basic things. We’re also noticing areas we’ve neglected that need more love and attention, whether that’s our spiritual lives, our spouses, our children, our home, our friends, or even ourselves.

I hope that during this time, you’ve been able to take a look at yourself and make needed changes. To let some things go, to hold onto the important things fiercely, and to allow yourself to grow.

As you re-enter this new normal, don’t throw self care to the wind! We probably all need a little extra right now. What can we do? SKINCARE! Skincare IS self care. It is, and always has been, so important. We can inject you with all of the most beautiful Botox and filler, but if you’re not taking care of your skin, you’re missing out on the most basic building block of anti-aging care. It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin!

What you put on your skin-or more importantly, what you’re NOT putting on your skin- matters. Your run-of-the-mill drugstore regimen is probably not cutting it, whether you realize it or not. Medical grade skincare that is customized for you and your needs will change your skin. It will protect you, correct damage that’s already been done, and prevent further damage to your skin.

Better skincare can improve your physical health (i.e. cancer prevention) and mental health. Who doesn’t feel better with glowing, beautiful, healthy skin? We could all use a little boost. We would love to help you learn about what skincare is best for you. Call us for a consultation for your own customized plan! Consultation is free, and we’ll ship your skincare products to your home!

We really look forward to seeing you. What better time than now?


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Why is Dr. Sherman a Top Expert in Plastic Surgery Around the Eyes?

Vibrant, youthful, natural-looking results are Dr. Sherman’s specialty. Find out why she’s considered one of the leading experts for cosmetic eye surgery when you schedule your consultation. Call us today at 615-297-5798.

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Trust An Expert To Beautify & Enhance Your Eyes

Bright, happy-looking eyes and a wrinkle-free forehead are just the beginning of what a brow lift can do for you. Find out more when you schedule your consultation with Dr. Sherman today. Call us at 615-297-5798.

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Don’t Want Surgery? Consider Instalift, a Non-Surgical Facelift

You no longer need surgery to look completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Sherman now to learn if you’re an ideal candidate for a non-surgical facelift: 615-297-5798

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Get Lifted!

Two Innovative Treatments to Lift Sagging Skin: Master Lift & InstaLift

At Sherman Aesthetic Center, we are always working to provide you with the most advanced, innovative techniques so you can achieve results you deserve! Here are two amazing options for treating the face with a non-surgical face lift that gives you a natural, refreshed appearance.

Master Lift

Master Lift 1, 2, and 3 is a non-surgical face lift that best addresses lines and wrinkles and helps with facial shaping. When you look in the mirror, it’s easy to pick out a flaw or wrinkle that bothers you, like the “parenthesis” or “marionette” lines around your mouth.. You see the wrinkle or line and want to directly fix it. We as Master Injectors are expertly trained to analyze your face. We take a 3-dimensional approach to create optimal facial shaping that may not directly treat the wrinkle but rather indirectly treat the cause of the lines and wrinkles. This next generation 3-dimensional approach is the key that creates a a natural outcome without looking “done”. The “old” way of treating patients with injectables was to address lines or just “caulk” what was bothering them. This idea of just addressing lines rather than looking at the face as a whole lends to under-treating the problem, as well as an unnatural appearance, especially when your face moves with expression. Ultimately, it leads to a less-than-optimal outcome and a dissatisfied patients! Thanks to scientific advances and Dr. Deborah Sherman’s leadership in global training sessions, we now offer a unique and exclusive approach that produces these superior outcomes and our patients tell us they prefer their results compared to their friends that have had facelifts. Our patients are thrilled with less downtime, less expense and a face they are proud to wear every day. The Master Lift is a next-generation approach of treating and lifting the face holistically, instead of just focusing on “the cracks”.  And this is achieved without surgery! It is an innovative injectable treatment series that will address your face as a whole, restoring a rested, healthy, glowing you!

For better understanding, let’s dive deeper. When a Master Injector assesses your needs, she looks at cause and effect. For example, your deep nasolabial folds (the lines that run from your nose down to your mouth) may be a result of a cheek that has fallen, thereby creating heaviness in the lower face. Instead of injecting directly into the fold, your injector may need to address your sagging cheek first which will soften the parentheses around your mouth in a subtle, natural way.

The Master Lift helps you achieve full correction in a series of filler treatments, starting with rebuilding the foundation of your face, then addressing contour, and lastly, refining the details (think about building a house from the foundation up!).  This no-surgery facelift has a high investment for the first year, but has a much lower investment to maintain the structure and contour of your facial shape once the volume is restored.

The good news is that your treatments can be achieved in 3-4 office visits, with little or no downtime. Think of us as your skin fitness trainers to restore and maintain your refreshed face!


Sagginess of the face often communicates a tired and old facial message.

InstaLift uses a new category, cutting-edge Micro Suspension Technology to address sagginess in the mid and lower face. By lifting the skin and facial structures and repositioning underlying tissue, you can achieve significant lift and re-volumization. The treatment is performed with local anesthesia (a small numbing shot); no general anesthesia is required, and there are no incisions!

This is how it works: a suspension suture is passed through a small entry point in the skin. Tiny cone structures on the suture lift lax skin and hold the suspension suture in place. The material that InstaLift suspension is made from is 18% poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) and 82% poly-L lactic acid (PLLA), which are essentially scientific words to explain that the device is entirely absorbable.

Over time, the suspension sutures dissolve, but as they dissolve, they stimulate your body to create new collagen! While the physical lifting capacity of the suture itself is diminished as the suture is absorbed, the complementary collagen-stimulating properties of PLLA/PLGA provide re-volumization, to restore the tissue you once had. Sustained recontouring of the treated area remains for 18 to 24 months following the procedure.

InstaLift provides repositioning and recontouring of your face which is what we hope for every morning when we look in the mirror. After treatment, the results will continue to improve over the course of several months. Improvement in skin quality can also occur over time.

After lifting the mid and lower face with InstaLift, filler treatments can complete and refine your lift and optimize your facial shape and message.

Schedule your complimentary facial analysis today to see if you are a candidate for the Master Lift or InstaLift. Ask us about the introductory specials!

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Hidden Incision Beautiful Results

An eye lift corrects the fat and skin around the eye, reducing the signs of aging and leaving you looking and feeling younger! See if a hidden incision eye lift is a good option for you, in our infographic below.

Schedule a consultation or call us at 615-297-5798 to learn more!

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Jaw Line Rejuvenation

Q : What bothered you about your jawline/profile? Did you like the way you looked in pictures? Selfies? Mirror? See before photo above.

A : It seemed as though my chin and neck were one, and there was no longer definition between the two. I would loathe looking at photos of myself, as I felt like I was staring at my grandmother.

Q : Would you say the fullness in your lower face made you feel tired? Sad?

A : Yes, both tired and sad. I  was discouraged when my friends would ask me if I were tired or if I didn’t feel well because I looked exhausted.

Q : What made you want to do something about the fullness of your chin?

A : A friend recommended Kybella, an in-office treatment.   I was ready to improve my look of constant fatigue and to improve the definition of my jawline to reveal a more youthful profile.  I went to Dr. Sherman for a consultation and to learn about the science, the success of the trials, the after effects, and the longevity of the results.

Q : Were you surprised there was a non-surgical solution?

A:  Yes. I was surprised that a procedure without surgery could produce a great result.  I can testify to a fantastic result in my case.

Q : Did you notice your jowls? How did they make you feel? 

A : All I could see were my jowls because my face had “dropped” and I looked like I was tired or unhappy. I felt old beyond my years.  All of these emotions combined caused a very real depression. I felt that my former self was lost forever. I wasn’t trying to fabricate youth. My goal was to was to find a means to create a confident version of who I am at the age of 59 and to look well and as good as I can.

Before and After Results

Q : How did you learn about Kybella and what made you trust Dr Sherman that it was safe and effective?

A : I learned of Kybella through a friend. I went to Dr. Sherman because of her excellent reputation. She was recommended to me by a friend. I believe any procedure with this level of precision must be supported and performed by a well-trained and experienced aesthetic doctor, rather than an aesthetician. I think aestheticians can educate, advocate and advise their clients about up-to-date procedures that support a client’s quest for personal care and esteem, but I do not believe they should perform this kind of non-surgical treatment. I strongly believe that an aesthetic physician with an excellent reputation like Dr. Sherman will set realistic expectations  about results.

Q : What was your experience with Kybella?

A : Excellent. I did experience swelling, which was noticeable to my friends and family. I wore scarves and tops to camouflage my neck while it was swollen – only a matter of a week or so.  Regarding results, it was a small change at first. After my first, second and third treatments, I could really see a  difference. I was beyond pleased and amazed.

Q : What was your experience with filler?

A : Again, I believe a  medical professional will realisically explain how these procedures can work in tandem with Kybella. I trusted Dr. Sherman to be judicious and conservative, and she didn’t let me down. Her philosophy to perform this treatment step by step with reevaluation along the way made complete sense to me. It was meaningful  to thoroughly discuss every step for each treatment and to trust the pair of eyes looking at me versus what I saw in the mirror.

Q : How did you feel about the results of the filler jawline rejuvenation procedure?

A : I am extremely satisfied. I could instantly see that the results of my jawline were improved and my jowls had disappeared.  The results were much faster than I anticipated and far preferable to other treatments I knew of.

Q : Was it painful?

A : When you know what to expect, discomfort is more tolerable. My expectation of any discomfort was established before the injections, thanks to Dr. Sherman and her teams’ thorough explanation of the procedure.  Some of it was uncomfortable, but it was never painful. Neither was the aftermath, but I was fully informed so I knew what to expect post-procedure.

Q : Was it easier than surgery?

A : Definitely. I didn’t need a driver nor did I need anyone to stay with me overnight, I didn’t have to stop eating or drinking before my appointment, and most  importantly, I didn’t have to take off work. So I would resoundingly say yes.

Q : Were you glad you did not have to have general anesthesia?

A : Yes. The idea of going under general anesthesia for a cosmetic procedure made me anxious. I always feel off kilter after anesthesia for a couple weeks.

Q : How do you feel about your profile now? Are you more confident to take a photo now or meet someone new?

A : I feel like I look 10 years younger, it’s a pleasure to wear necklaces and open necklines again. I had stopped wearing any of these things as I did not want to draw attention to my neck or the lower half of my face. It has made me very happy to feel more like myself again.

Q : How do the results make you feel?

A : I feel like I am a better version of myself and that I look younger than my age of 59. I no like my profile again, especially since Kybella is a permanent, lifetime result, and retreatment is likely unneeded.

Q : Do you feel more youthful? Or even empowered?

A :  Yes, a confident version of who I am now at this age and stage.

Q : Would you recommend this to somebody else?

A : Absolutely. A procedure with little or no downtime that changes one’s self esteem is definately a win-win. I recommend an evaluation and a treatment plan to anyone who is struggling with the esteem challenges that aging brings, like I was.

Q : Do you feel it is important to go to someone that is an expert? And why?

A : 100%, for the reasons above. These procedures should not be performed on a whim or as a spontaneous decision. Be clear about the professional evaluation and projected results from your Aesthetic Doctor. There will likely be minor corrections once the procedures settle. Be patient. Trust your medical professional . Regular follow-ups and touch-ups are necessary to maintain the success of your treatments and your level of satisfaction.

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Chemical Peels: How Treatment Works

Chemical peels can help make your skin look fresher and more radiant. First, a customized facial analysis is performed by one of our expert skin care nurses to help you determine which peel is right for you; then, they will provide you with a glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or combination facial peel. Learn more about chemical peels below!



















If you’re interested in chemical peels, contact us today.

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Dr. Deborah Sherman On eHealth Radio: How Lips Can Go From Lacking to Luscious

As an expert in aesthetics, Dr. Deborah Sherman shares her knowledge on how the role of lips can enhance our appearance, creating a more youthful and attractive look.

Listen to the complete interview with Dr. Sherman and Eric Michaels from eHealth Radio below.

    • Dr. Sherman tell us why women care about their lips and the role lips play in making our faces attractive?
    • Describe the normal aging changes of the face. In particular, the changes to the lips that we all should look for.
    • What is the best treatment for a less than perfect lip? Botox or filler?
    • Many women fear the duck lip, how can you get natural results?
    • How does one know which lip filler is right for them?

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