Get Lifted!

Two Innovative Treatments to Lift Sagging Skin: Master Lift & InstaLift At Sherman Aesthetic Center, we are always working to provide you with the most advanced, innovative techniques so you can achieve results you deserve! Here are two amazing options … Continue reading

Jaw Line Rejuvenation

Q : What bothered you about your jawline/profile? Did you like the way you looked in pictures? Selfies? Mirror? See before photo above. A : It seemed as though my chin and neck were one, and there was no longer … Continue reading

Dr. Sherman featured in eHealth Radio Network

Dr. Deborah Sherman recently joined Eric Michaels of eHealth Radio & the Plastic Surgery Information Channel to discuss five points of beauty that every woman should know. Throughout the podcast, Dr. Sherman shares information on the best modern cosmetic methods … Continue reading

Brow Lift: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a brow lift? A brow lift is a surgical procedure that is performed to return the brow back to its natural, refreshed position. We tend to get horizontal wrinkles across our forehead-why? Because we all tend to … Continue reading

Antioxidants from the Inside Out

Starting this journey I knew what antioxidants did for my body but what I didn’t know is what I was missing by not using them on my face and décolleté. For those of you who don’t know, antioxidants play a … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions: Lip Augmentation & Enhancement

1. What is the best filler for Lip enhancement? With a growing number of fillers available, it is even more important to go to a Master Injector who has advanced knowledge to determine which filler will create the most NATURAL … Continue reading

If Double is Your Trouble, Get Kybella for Your Fella!

It’s possible to make your profile as powerful as your ideas in the workplace. A chiseled jaw line sends a subliminal message of strength…not to mention it adds to a handsome appearance. Believe it: you can say goodbye to your … Continue reading

Your New Favorite Product: HA5

HA5 is the newest advanced topical in hydration, but what have we thought of it so far? Listen to the skincare experts who have tried it: Dr. Sherman-It feels like I am putting liquid silk on my face! Allie Schulert, … Continue reading

New You Infographic

Sherman Aesthetic Center has created an infographic that outlines the best procedure this year to achieve a new you! These surgical and non-surgical procedures will help you achieve a fresh new persona. Dr. Sherman can help you achieve a refreshed, … Continue reading

The Big Event

Preparing your face for any special event can be daunting. What if I bruise? What if my skin is peeling when I’m supposed to be glowing for wedding photos? What if my lips walk into the room before I do?! … Continue reading

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