The Bro-tox Trend: It’s not just for women! 

“Isn’t that just for women?” 

“I don’t want to look feminine.” 

“Ahhh, I don’t care that much about my appearance; I’m not a high maintenance guy." 

"That's my wife’s thing.”

We have heard these comments countless times.

For over 20 years, Botox has been used to treat lines and wrinkles, as well as a host of other medical conditions. This “fountain of youth” has often been thought of as a treatment predominantly received by women…and overwhelmingly it has been women interested in treating their wrinkles with this purified protein-until now.

The gap is being closed as more and more men come to the office, seeking the miracle treatment for their wrinkles. The stigma attached to Botox treatments for men is being broken down as men are discovering its youthful effects. In the career world, many men claim that by treating their angry lines and aging wrinkles, they have more of a competitive edge. The facial message is changed from tired and stressed to rested and refreshed. Being more approachable in the workplace has its advantages.

A high school teacher admits, “My students kept asking why I was angry all the time. I had to keep telling them I wasn’t angry! When they start saying I look mad again, I know it’s time to come back for a treatment. I keep it up to help with my 11s.”

This story isn’t uncommon. The number of men seeking Botox treatments is increasing every day, and people are noticing.

A five to ten minute treatment improves wrinkles for approximately three to four months. With no downtime, it’s a quick and easy solution.

“The men we see at the Sherman Aesthetic Center for Botox treatments all agree that no one can really tell that they’re using it, they just get asked by friends and business associates what they are doing to look so rested. Our male patients like that they still look like themselves, but better,” says Dr. Deborah Sherman.

In the last five years, nonsurgical treatments like Botox have skyrocketed in use. The truth is that men are a large part of that increase.

So go for it, bros. You deserve it!

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