In our practice, we hear a lot of Botox “myths”- statements that patients have heard from other people, from the media, from the internet- that aren’t necessarily true. It’s time some of these myths were debunked! 

Here are a few that we hear most often…

1. Botox is a poison.

Botox is a purified protein that has been used for over 100 medical conditions in over 75 countries. This researched medical prescription product has   been used by Dr. Sherman and her Master Injectors since 1987. Over 1100 clinical studies have been published in medical journals, demonstrating its safety and effectiveness when given by a well-trained and experienced Master Injector.

2. Fillers and Botox do the same thing.

Filler and Botox work quite differently. Simply put, filler fills, Botox relaxes the action of the muscle that is causing the wrinkle.

Filler treats areas that have lost collagen and volume, softening the wrinkle.

Essentially, Botox puts your wrinkle-causing muscle in “time out”. Botox relaxes overactive muscles that create wrinkle creases. This prevents fine lines and wrinkles from becoming deeper and enhances skin texture.

3. Botox will make me look like a “surprised” celebrity, and I will have no expression.

In the hands of a Master Injector, Botox should never make you look surprised or frozen. Moderation and correct technique are key. Botox can relax the “angry” muscle between the brows, making the furrowed brow much less apparent. You should still be able to show emotion and expression. The goal is to look natural and refreshed-not freaky and frozen.

4. Botox is only for women.

If you’ve ever heard of “Bro-tox”, you know this one’s a myth!

“Every year, we are seeing an increase in men coming in for Botox,” says Dr. Sherman. “Many men want to look less angry in the boardroom or put on their best face for an upcoming job interview. These days, your face is your calling card, and both men and women want to put their best face forward.”

5. The best time to get Botox is when I see wrinkles on my face.

Once wrinkles appear on your face, the damage has been done. We like to think of Botox as “skin fitness”-preventative care- like using a good sunscreen to prevent sun damage. The more you train your facial muscles to relax with Botox, the less those muscles will break down collagen and prevent wrinkles. If you prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place, you can focus on maintenance rather than the longer road to correction.

So when do you start

Because no two faces are alike, a customized facial analysis by a Master Injector can educate you on the best timing for your treatment.

6. My wrinkles will get worse than they were to begin with if I stop using Botox.

They won’t! Once your Botox wears off, your facial muscles and skin will return to normal, as they were before your treatment. You will NOT suddenly wake up with saggy skin and deeper wrinkles.

“Skin fitness” is optimized when Botox treatments occur every 3-6 months, depending on your personal needs.  

botox results

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