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My Kybella Experience: Lauren

Read on to hear about Lauren’s Kybella Experience:

Why did I choose Kybella? I’ve been aware of my double chin for as long as I can remember. As I got older, it felt like no matter how much I worked to get myself into shape, my chin always looked so full. I thought a lot about the roundness of my face and chin, and I dreamed of having a more defined silhouette. So, I decided to do something about it!

I’d heard a lot about Kybella and it sounded like the best option for me. Allie did all of my treatments throughout my journey and she was so thorough and wonderful, and I was always amazed how quickly the treatment was finished. The swelling was a little more than I expected the first few treatments, but it only gave me minimal discomfort and I just planned my schedule to accommodate when the swelling was most noticeable. I made sure to not have any important social events the first few days after my treatment, but otherwise, I still went about my normal routine. The injected area definitely got less swollen with each treatment, AND I noticed the swelling went away faster too. I even met a friend for coffee two days after my third injection and she said it was hardly noticeable!

I used to always fret that my double chin would ruin all my photos, but not anymore. Seeing photos from before I began my Kybella treatments are so different from how I look today, and I love it! Friends and family have told me they can see a huge difference, too. My double chin runs in my family, and I’ve definitely been singing Kybella’s praises to my fellow double-chin-inflicted family members.

What makes Kybella so amazing is how noninvasive it is, yet is has made a huge impact on how I look and feel. And when I consider the fact that Kybella gives me a lifetime result as the fat cells are permanently destroyed and can no longer accumulate or hold fat, it totally makes it worthwhile! I only wish I’d done it sooner!



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3 Approaches to Stop Brown Spots in Their Tracks

3 Approaches to Stop Brown Spots in Their Tracks!


Welcome to December! There is a chill in the air, Christmas is on its way, and your time laying in the sun is (mostly) gone.

Once your tan has worn off and your beach vacation is far, far away, “they” arrive. Photodamage in the form of brown spots seem to appear after your tan fades away.

I am often asked what the best form of treatment is to kick the browns. At a national laser conference I attended, one of the top laser experts in the country made an excellent point: “We can flush the brown out of your spots, but we can’t take away your spots.” Your spots will always be lurking beneath the surface. Even after they are treated, it is vitally important that you continue to use sun protection. Next summer, with a little more time in the sunshine, your spots will darken again, and we’ll have to clean house in the fall. But if we can fade them to the point that they hide better with makeup, it’s a win!

Here are three different routes for lightening browns from sun damage:


Laser is an excellent way to lighten hyperpigmentation. It is important that you stay out of the sun while receiving laser treatments. Our GentleLase Alexandrite laser has been a gold standard in treating photodamage for years. You will likely need around 4-6 treatments of laser at a time. Again…come fall, after a fun summer outdoors, you’ll likely need to come back for a little clean-up!

2. Topicals

There are several topical treatments that may be used year-round to lighten hyperpigmentation. Whether you use hydroquinone or non-hydroquinone products, topicals are a great way to keep your skin bright throughout the year.

3. Chemical Peels

A series of chemical peels will not only help lighten brown spots, it will improve your overall skin tone and texture and appearance of pore size. Chemical peels remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Your body will produce its own collagen, revealing brightened, new skin. We recommend a corrective series of 6 peels to put your skin through a customized skincare boot camp program designed to meet your individual needs. After this, you may continue to receive maintenance peels throughout the year.

Any combination of these treatments is even better if your goal is to “flush the brown out of your spots!”

And guess what the greatest preventative treatment is? SUNSCREEN! Always, always, always make sure your skin is protected with a good physical barrier SPF, even if you’re not planning on spending a lot of time outside. And remember…even though we feel like going into hibernation for the winter-the sun and its damaging rays do not! Sunscreen is just as important in winter to prevent brown spots from coming back! You’ll notice that the left side of your face typically looks more aged than the right. The reason? Sun exposure from driving in the car. So don’t skimp on the sunscreen.

Make your appointment with an Aesthetic Specialist today to get a customized skin assessment! We’ll help you develop a skincare plan that suits you best!






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Kybella Journal: What can I expect? Notes and thoughts from a real patient

Kybella Journal: Kathy

If you’ve looked into Kybella, the newest FDA-approved treatment for fullness beneath the chin, you’ve probably read about side effects and the end result: reduction of double chin. But what happens in the days and weeks in between your treatments? We asked one of our patients to keep a journal and tell about her experience with Kybella all along the way after her first treatment!


Day of:

What made you want to get this treatment:

I have never had a chiseled jar line even when I was young. I don’t have a double chin and I’m not overweight but I always hated my profile. I have avoided profile pictures my entire life.  Dr. Sherman told me that I had a fat pad under my chin that I was probably born with and Kybella would help give me a better profile.


What are your expectations of this treatment:

I’m hoping to have a more chiseled jaw line.


How did you feel prior treatment:

I was terrified after reading all the information on the internet.


How did you feel during treatment:

They had me ice the area prior to the injections and I really didn’t feel anything during the injections until about the 20th injection.  Then they had me ice it again, and they finished the injections.  I was pleasantly surprised that just icing the area would numb it.  I’m not going to say it was painless but it really wasn’t bad, maybe a 2, on a 10 point pain scale.  Right after the procedure, the area felt weird.  I can’t really explain the feeling.  It didn’t hurt, it just felt unusual.  The feeling only lasted 15-20 minutes.  It started swelling and became numb in the area of the injections immediately, but I expected that.

I elevated myself that night while sleeping to help with swelling, and I was fairly swollen in the morning but not as bad as I expected. I took two Tylenol for pain the first night but that was the only time I took anything for pain.

Please rate treatment and post treatment tolerability and add any comments you want on the side- on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being highest:

Pain: 2-4

How long did pain last: 30 minutes

Numbing: 10

Swelling:     8


The injection site became numb immediately and began swelling immediately. The injections really were not painful because they had me ice the area first.  However, the injection area felt strange for about 30 minutes after the injection.  It wasn’t painful, but it was uncomfortable.  After about 30 minutes, it was fine except it was tender to the touch.


4 hours POST treatment:

Comments on how you feel NOW:

The injection area felt numb and was swollen. It was sensitive to touch but didn’t really hurt unless I touched it.  I took two Tylenol when I went to bed and slept fine.  I did sleep elevated to try and reduce swelling.


Day 2

Pain: 0

Numbing:  10 -injection area was numb

Swelling: 7

Comments: I had some pin point bruising but it was easily covered with makeup.  The injection area felt wobbly, but I went about my day as usual with no problems at all.  I had my daughter take pictures for me, and she had already forgotten I had it done.  I did wear my hair down which helped to camouflage the fullness under my chin, but honestly I don’t think anyone noticed at all.

Day 3

Pain: 0

Numbing:  10- injection area remained numb

Swelling: 7

Comments: I could already see some improvement.  It was still sensitive to the touch around the injection site.

Day 4:

Numbing: 10 -injection area remained numb

Swelling: 6- swelling improving

Comments: The swelling seems to be improving slightly every day.  The area is not as wobbly today.


Week 2:

Numbing: 10- injection area remained numb

Swelling: 3-swelling significantly improved


The injection area remains numb and is still sensitive to direct touch but doesn’t hurt. Nobody can tell anything has been done unless I point it out to them.  The area that remains numb has reduced in size from a silver dollar area to about an area the size of a quarter.  The injection area is not wobbly, just not firm.


Week 3:

Numbing:  10- injection area remained numb

Swelling: 2- swelling minimal


The injection area remains numb and is still sensitive to direct touch, but I don’t notice it except when I wash my face or actually touch the area. The numb area is still about the size of a quarter.  The injection area is starting to firm back up and feels kind of bumpy, but you can’t see anything; it just feels that way.


Week 4:

Numbing: 10- injection area remained numb

Swelling: 1- swelling minimal


The swelling is almost gone. The numb area is still about the size of a quarter.  It is no longer sensitive to touch at all.  It still feels kind of bumpy.  I would say that I’m back to where I started, and now I will start to see REAL changes!!  So excited!

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Aging Lips

 before after

Getting Lippy


Aging Lips

As we age, it often feels as if our faces “melt”. We often hear “It looks like someone held a candle near my face, and it just started melting!” or “Gravity, baby. It’s all falling down.”


Sounds about right, but gravity actually isn’t the cause of facial aging. As the years pass, the structure of the face begins to shift and change. There is fat loss and repositioning, bone density loss, and slower production of collagen. Muscle contraction from smiling, eating, yawning, frowning causes lines to begin to form around eyes, cheeks, and mouth. UV damage from time in the sun causes age spots, loss of elasticity, and wrinkling.


We expect some of the brown sun spots, the tired eyes, the smile lines…but one thing that sneaks up on us is the change seen in the lips. Lips will seem to “shrink”, vertical lines above and below the lips appear, and lipstick begins to bleed. The “cupid’s bow”, the little v-shape in the middle of the upper lip, flattens. The plump, perky lips that gave kisses and smiles are becoming flat and thin, and are giving us away…suddenly our face seems to look much older.


What to do?

Can anything be done to prevent all of this?


Certainly a lip balm with sunscreen is helpful to protect the lips from aging from harmful UV rays. Drinking out of a straw can be curbed, and obviously, smoking is detrimental to lips (among other things).


Still, with all of these things under control, lips lose their stuffing and elasticity.


So fill ‘em up! The good news is, there are multiple hyaluronic acid fillers that may be used to improve lip definition, proportion, and volume. “Proportion” is an important word. A 60-year-old won’t have a 20 year-old’s lips. And they shouldn’t. It looks unnatural and disproportionate to the rest of their face. Too much filler in the wrong places gives an unnatural appearance and “trout pout”…you know what I mean. This happens when too much filler is put in the wrong place. Filler is should only be given by a Master Injector who will skillfully and artistically places the filler in the correct places with the correct amount. Lips should compliment the rest of the face…they should never “walk into the room” before you do. A well-done lip is subtle and appropriate for your face. Not to mention it sheds a few years off of your stated age J


The Right Tools for the Right Project

The wonderful thing (and the sad thing) about hyaluronic acid (H.A.) fillers is that your body produces H.A. naturally. The filler will gradually dissolve over time, and your lips will appear as they did before you ever got the filler. More permanent fillers are dangerous and tend to shift over time, sometimes causing more trouble than they’re worth.

The Next Best Thing!

More good news: Volbella has been FDA-approved in the United States! It is an H.A. filler specifically designed for the lips that we are SO excited about! More to come on Volbella. You’ll be the first to know when it officially arrives in our office!



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Antioxidants from the Inside Out

TNS_Essential_Serum_1oz_72dpiStarting this journey I knew what antioxidants did for my body but what I didn’t know is what I was missing by not using them on my face and décolleté. For those of you who don’t know, antioxidants play a major role in stopping or limiting the amount of free radicals in our body. What are free radicals? Free radicals are created by oxygen combined with natural chemicals in our body that create oxidation. This oxidation creates changes to the structure of our natural chemicals. After time, they build up and begin to change important structures, like DNA (yikes!).       Scientists say free radicals have a role in the aging process, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Consuming antioxidants daily will help repair these oxidative damaging cells, instead of letting them build up altered and ready to strike. Here are some ways you can incorporate more antioxidants into your meals.

  • Vitamin A is found in milk, liver, butter and eggs.
  • Vitamin C is found in most fruits and vegetables. Those with the highest amounts of vitamin C include papayas, strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe and kiwi, as well as bell peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, cauliflower and kale.
  • Vitamin E is found in some nuts and seeds, including almonds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and peanuts. It can also be found in green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale, and in oils, such as soybean, sunflower, corn and canola oils.
  • Beta-carotene is found in colorful fruits and vegetables, including carrots, peas, cantaloupe, apricots, papayas, mangoes, peaches, pumpkin, apricots, broccoli, sweet potatoes and squash. It can also be found in some leafy green vegetables, including beet greens, spinach and kale.
  • Lutein is found in green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, collards and kale, broccoli, corn, peas, papayas and oranges.
  • Lycopene is found in pink and red fruits and vegetables, such as pink grapefruit, watermelon, apricots and tomatoes.
  • Selenium is found in cereals (corn, wheat and rice), nuts, legumes, animal products (beef, fish, turkey, chicken, eggs and cheese), bread and pasta.
      What can antioxidants do for my skin?
      Vitamin C is beneficial to your skin in 4 different ways!
  1. It improves skin by making it firmer and younger in appearance for longer.
  2. It reduces premature aging and wrinkling.
  3. It reduces dark spots and brightens your skin.
  4. It makes your sunscreen even more effective and boosts your skins defense against UV exposure.


Vitamin E is one of the most powerful vitamins that helps your skin to fight free radicals and signs of aging. You probably see it added to skin care products. However, the addition of Vitamin E to Vitamin C creates a more powerful effect than when used alone. When used together, both vitamins give off a stronger antioxidant effect. You will experience smoothing benefits and increased rate of cellular repair!


Stop by our office and pick up some Antioxidants! Your face will thank you!


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If Double is Your Trouble, Get Kybella for Your Fella!


It’s possible to make your profile as powerful as your ideas in the workplace. A chiseled jaw line sends a subliminal message of strength…not to mention it adds to a handsome appearance.

Believe it: you can say goodbye to your double chin without surgery.

Chances are, if you have fullness beneath your chin, you don’t love it. The submental fat or “double chin” is an area that is typically resistant to exercise and no respecter of age or weight. Submental fat gives the profile a full look with lack of definition to the jaw line (and often spilling out over a collar and tie.)

With work, school, and the busyness of life, most people don’t have time to spare for surgery recovery.

Enter Kybella: an injectable treatment that dissolves submental fat with no downtime and no surgery! Kybella is deoxycholic acid that destroys fat cells in the double chin…permanently.

Kybella is injected into the submental fat below the chin. Swelling, bruising, tenderness, and numbness are common after treatment. You will not go home with any wraps, dressings, or medications. A little ice and ibuprofen for swelling and mild tenderness are typically all that is needed post-treatment with Kybella.

The number of treatments required depends on how much medication is required and how severe the double chin is. Most patients require two to four treatments, but it could take up to six, with each treatment spaced one to two months apart.

For a limited time*, get $600 of laser photorejuvenation OR two treatments of Botox Cosmetic for crow’s feet ($600 value) FREE when you purchase two Kybella treatments!

Call 615-297-5798 for a consultation to see if Kybella is right for you!


*Offer valid through May 6, 2016.

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Your New Favorite Product: HA5


HA5 is the newest advanced topical in hydration, but what have we thought of it so far? Listen to the skincare experts who have tried it:

Dr. Sherman-It feels like I am putting liquid silk on my face!

Allie Schulert, R.N.- I noticed in a matter of minutes the difference it made in my skin! It looked more hydrated and healthy!

Elisabeth Bennett, PA-C-HA5 feels like a make-up primer. I noticed my skin looks healthy all day long and my patients ask if I have changed my make-up….actually, I have changed my skin!

Cindy-I used it one night and my face was changed by the next morning. Next to Botox, it is my favorite product with instant results!

Filler is the go-to product for deep lines and deflation in your cheeks, but why does it create such a natural result? We lose hyaluronic acid as we age-causing deflation of our facial structures, uneven texture, a dull appearance, fine lines and wrinkles. Filler replaces the deep hyaluronic acid –chiseling our cheeks, softening our marionette lines, and augmenting our lips–but our skin on the outside layer still needs topical hydration to fill in fine lines and uneven texture. The combination of treating the inside and out brings a youthful vibrance and structure to our skin.

HA5 goes beyond an ordinary moisturizer-it helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Past Hyaluronic acid products have been designed to sit on top of the skin which only works temporarily with no long lasting results. Because of the 5 different forms of time released hyaluronic acid, HA5 provides 8 hours of hydration-which allows your makeup to look flawless longer! It is also clinically proven to improve the skin with continued use- this product just continues to get better! If you would like to learn more, click on the link below to see photos demonstrating its unique hydrating mechanism or see a video describing how it works like no other topical. HA5 is available for purchase at Sherman Aesthetic Center! Stop by to get yours. You will love it!

HA5 Product Video



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The Big Event

Preparing your face for any special event can be daunting. What if I bruise? What if my skin is peeling when I’m supposed to be glowing for wedding photos? What if my lips walk into the room before I do?!

The best way to prepare for these things is to plan ahead!

A few months before your event, determine what your goals will be. Longer lashes. Smoother skin. Less frown lines. No more mustache. Make a list if you like.

Some procedures can take months of preparation, and others can be done even days before.

We’ll start with the time-consuming procedures.

Hair Removal

If you’re looking to zap unwanted facial hair, you’ll need to start early! Laser hair reduction is a process. Because your hair grows in different cycles, what is zapped with a laser in one treatment will be replaced by hair growing in another cycle. You’ll need 4-6 treatments, each spaced 4 weeks apart. Laser treatments can reduce unwanted DARK hair. Unfortunately, the blondies will not be affected.


Peels and Microdermabrasion

For smoother, more evenly toned, glowing skin, a series of chemical peels is a great thing! This is another procedure that is usually a process if you’re looking for improvement of longstanding issues (i.e. dull skin, hyperpigmentation, etc).  The best way to approach peels is to start light and then advance to deeper peels as your skin tolerates it. If you’re getting close to your event date, you can always opt for a lighter peel (with no active flaking) or microdermabrasion to give you a nice glow!



You’ve heard me talk about the fact that “no two faces are alike” in previous blogs. For this reason, it’s best to try Botox or Dysport at least 3 or 4 months ahead of your event to get the best result for your face. Be very cautious in coming to the office the week or a few days before your event if you’ve never tried toxins before for your frown lines, forehead wrinkles, or crow’s feet. First of all, these treatments take an average of 7-10 days to kick in. Touch-ups can be made by your Master Injector once your Botox or Dysport has kicked in to customize the treatment to YOU! So give yourself a little time to see what treatment pattern works best to give you the best, most refreshed look! You’ll feel more confident in your result for your big day!


Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are a beautiful thing. The results are seen instantly and can give life back to your face! While the results are seen immediately, bruising and swelling could hang around for a few weeks after. Give yourself enough time for bruising and swelling to subside…don’t risk a thumb-sized bruise for an important day! I recommend coming in at least one month before to ensure enough time for everything to settle. As always, make sure that you are being injected with the right product by the right person. A Master Injector. Nothing less…this is your face!



If you think of using toxins and fillers as “sculpting”, think of your skincare as painting the canvas. What lies beneath the surface may look wonderful, but if you’re not taking care of the canvas, you’re not looking at the big picture! Skincare is important! Make sure to ask your Master Injector about what you should be doing for your skin. They can make suggestions and help you choose the right products the day of your visit.

As always, we recommend coming to see us for a free facial analysis to discuss your goals, plans, and to help you with a treatment plan!

Call 615-297-5798 for your FREE facial analysis!


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Our Favorite Skincare Products Part II

The next installment of Our Favorite Products from our staff! All are available for purchase at Sherman Aesthetic Center. Time to start repairing the damage from the summer sun and get prepped for winter weather!

Allie,RN, 20s

I LOVE skin care products. As a teen, I had horrible cystic acne and took Accutane and every other topical product that my dermatologist recommended (we tried everything!). So my skincare regimen was established early. I have tried lots of products, and I can honestly say that the following products have been the BEST I have ever used. I’m not dating around with my skin care anymore!

  • I use C E Ferulic every morning. I always thought that my skin was in pretty great condition until I saw what was lurking beneath the surface. My solar damage was just about maxed out when I had my EMAGE assessment. I knew I had to do something about it, but what I didn’t expect was that antioxidants would be the answer. They actually help repair damage already done to the skin and prevent further damage from occurring. My photodamage went from 99% to 72% on EMAGE assessment in 6 months. And I have brighter, more even-toned skin to boot!


  • SkinMedica 0.5% Retinol- I recommend that everyone be on a retinol! It increases cell turnover and rids your skin of the top layer of dead skin cells. I can always tell a HUGE difference the morning after I’ve used it. My skin glows.


  • On my “off nights” from my Retinol, I use Resveratrol BE. It is a nighttime antioxidant that neutralizes the effects of free radicals. I’ve noticed that my skin is more radiant, moisturized, and has more even tone.


  • SkinCeuticals SPF 30- I like this sunscreen because it is so straightforward. Its consistency is very thin, which I had to get used to, but I love that it is so lightweight, non-greasy, and sheer. It’s perfect to put on under my makeup.



Rachel, Administrative Coordinator, 40s

I highly recommend the EMAGE analysis. I didn’t really know where my problem areas were before I had my skin analyzed. It really helped me to plan my skin care regimen!

  • My skin is very dry, and the area around my eyes has always been a problem for me. I noticed that the texture beneath my eyes was “crepey” and wrinkly. I starting using SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex. It isn’t greasy, it absorbs quickly, and a little goes a long way (so it lasts a long time!). I can tell a huge difference in the texture around my eyes, and I use it every day!


  • SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50 has been so important for me with my fair skin. It protects the area around my eyes without migrating anywhere else. It’s a great base. Given my family history of skin cancer, I know that I need to protect that area…and it keeps that skin from aging so quickly.
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Our Favorite Skincare Products

Part I

This is the first in a series of our favorite skincare products at Sherman Aesthetic Center.

Many of our patients ask us what we use on our own skin every day, so here are our answers!

Each post will feature two of our staff and their favorite products, which are, of course, available for purchase at S.A.C.

Contact us at 615-297-5798 to schedule a custom skincare consultation to address your specific skincare needs!

Dr. Sherman, 50s

  • As any good plastic surgeon does, I recommend sunscreen first and foremost! It is the single most important part of your skin care regimen to prevent signs of aging and deadly skin cancers. A physical barrier sunscreen like SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 is ideal. The great thing about this sunscreen is that it also has a tint that adapts to your skin tone, so you’re not left with a white sheen!
  • TNS Essential Serum is my must-have! It contains growth factors, antioxidants, and moisturizing peptides that help nourish skin and encourage new collagen production. TNS protects your investment in filler and Botox-you’re treating wrinkles, lack of support, and volume, but you need to work on the surface as well. I call this “skin fitness”! Great skin care is a journey, and TNS is an essential component.
  • Lytera is the latest player in skin lightening. It is a topical that is applied morning and night. It lightens brown spots caused by sun damage. Unlike hydroquinone, you never have to “take a break” from Lytera! It works on different pathways that lead to hyperpigmentation, including transport and deposit of melanin, as well as the brown spot that we see on the surface of the skin.


Elisabeth, PA-C, 20s

As someone who has combination skin, skin care can be a challenge. I have tried product upon product, but I finally have the perfect combination for me:

  • SkinCeuticals LHA Solution has completely changed my oily skin. I use this morning and evening, and finally my makeup will stay on throughout the day!
  • At bedtime, I use SkinMedica 1% Retinol, which not only helps control my oily skin and breakouts, it also is the product I have found to be one of the BEST anti-aging products long term.
  • In the morning, I use TNS Recovery Complex and SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF. Since I was a lifeguard for many years, I have extreme sun damage. Before I started these products, our EMAGE skin analysis machine told me that I was at 99% sun damage. Since using these repairing products, not only has my skin tone become more even, but my sun damage has decreased to 67%! Since I am still outside all the time, the Phloretin CF also helps keep my skin protected for the future.
  •  Last, and most importantly, I use Colorescience 50 SPF. It is a powder sunscreen that is waterproof (so it doesn’t run in my eyes at the beach or playing sports), and it has a little tint, so I am touching up my makeup throughout the day while getting a high level of protection!
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