Who doesn’t want to look younger?  I had heard about Botox Cosmetic for years and never thought that I would be interested in doing the treatment for wrinkles…….until I noticed my own wrinkles around my eyes.  I am very active and love to bike ride. Although loving this physical activity and the health benefits, it also causes me to be outside in the threat of sun damage. I found myself squinting constantly and therefore, causing excessive wrinkling of the skin around my eyes.  I took the plunge and went to Sherman Aesthetic Center.  I had heard that Dr. Deborah Sherman was a National spokesperson for Botox.  She travels extensively around the country teaching other doctors and injectors how to inject this miracle wrinkle-smoothing treatment.  This was the type person I felt I could trust.  I had Botox injected around my eyes and within days, my wrinkles were smooth.  I feel as good now about my appearance as I do about my love for biking…. thanks to Dr. Sherman!

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