When a friend asked me about the Sherman Aesthetic Center, I tell them all about what the SAC has done for me. As stereotypical as it sounds I really did visit the SAC as a prelude to an upcoming class reunion. I was treated with great respect and my individual needs were addressed very specifically and a plan was devised to meet my aesthetic needs  as well as fit into the restraints of my pocketbook. The results were amazing, resulting in higher self esteem and confidence. The quality of care and professionalism is unsurpassed. Whenever I receive a compliment, the first three words out of my mouth are “Sherman Aesthetic Center!”

The biggest difference I notice after my treatments at the Sherman Aesthetic Center was that I had more self confidence at work and in my social life. I felt as though I had joined Ponce de Leon at his fountain.

The reason the Sherman Aesthetic Center is my first choice for care is the kindness of Dr. Sherman and her staff.

My personal story

In my fifties I went through a hemorrhagic stroke, cancer and a divorce resulting in major loss of income. While raising teenage daughters, I was thrown out into the working and dating jungle. Carrying lots of baggage and nursing a broken heart, I needed all the help I could get. The “lift” Dr. Sherman gave me lifted much more than my droopy lids. I went from feeling like a Chinese Shar pei to a confidant woman after walking through the doc of the SAC. Dr. Sherman and her staff lifted my spirits and gave me confidence to move ahead in a world obsessed with youth. Of course it’s what is inside our hearts that is always the most important, but when we are able to do something that can make us feel better about our packaging, it raises our confidence, which in turn raises our productivity which in turn helps us to become more fulfilled. Dr. Sherman and her staff look at the whole person… where we are in every way and they help us choose what is best for us. That’s what they have done for me. I will forever be grateful.

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