As summer approaches and businesses are slowly reopening, we are cautiously re-entering our new normal. For many, this means going back to work, getting back to the grind (albeit a different kind of grind, with face masks and distancing), and potentially more stress. Amid the pandemic and being isolated at home, things have been brought to light that we’ve been too distracted to notice in our busy lives. It has forced us to slow down (way down) and focus on the most basic things. We’re also noticing areas we’ve neglected that need more love and attention, whether that’s our spiritual lives, our spouses, our children, our home, our friends, or even ourselves.

I hope that during this time, you’ve been able to take a look at yourself and make needed changes. To let some things go, to hold onto the important things fiercely, and to allow yourself to grow.

As you re-enter this new normal, don’t throw self care to the wind! We probably all need a little extra right now. What can we do? SKINCARE! Skincare IS self care. It is, and always has been, so important. We can inject you with all of the most beautiful Botox and filler, but if you’re not taking care of your skin, you’re missing out on the most basic building block of anti-aging care. It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin!

What you put on your skin-or more importantly, what you’re NOT putting on your skin- matters. Your run-of-the-mill drugstore regimen is probably not cutting it, whether you realize it or not. Medical grade skincare that is customized for you and your needs will change your skin. It will protect you, correct damage that’s already been done, and prevent further damage to your skin.

Better skincare can improve your physical health (i.e. cancer prevention) and mental health. Who doesn’t feel better with glowing, beautiful, healthy skin? We could all use a little boost. We would love to help you learn about what skincare is best for you. Call us for a consultation for your own customized plan! Consultation is free, and we’ll ship your skincare products to your home!

We really look forward to seeing you. What better time than now?


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