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Dr. Sherman is a board certified and fellowship-trained surgeon which means she has met the rigorous high standards and training requirements of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. During this specialized training and for the last 20 years in clinical practice, Dr. Sherman has performed many surgeries that required removal of eyes and reconstruction of the tissue so that an artificial eye could look and function in a natural manner. Although, each patient is different, she has extensive experience in achieving natural outcomes with artificial eyes.

This level of expertise makes Dr. Sherman a Expert Specialist in Eye Removal Surgery and Artificial Eyes. Board certification does not guarantee a certain outcome, but it does ensure specialized training skill and expertise far beyond the norm.

Dr. Sherman performs this artificial eye surgery using the latest surgical techniques to create an aesthetically appearance with life-like movements. Natural eye movement is achieved with Dr. Sherman’s advanced technique. She attaches the normal eye muscles to the orbital implant so that the artificial eye can shift as a normal eye would.

Naturally Moving Artificial Implant

When an eye is lost due to trauma, tumor, or infection, patients can benefit from Dr. Sherman’s modern reconstructive surgery techniques to gain the best possible cosmetic results.

During this advanced reconstructive surgery, the eye muscles are attached to this artificial eye implant to coordinate its natural movement with the functioning eye. State-of-the-art prosthetic implants are available that can be matched precisely to the functioning eye.

Whether you need to undergo surgery to remove the eye for the first time or are planning further reconstructive surgery related to the artificial eye (ocular prosthesis), let us help you to regain a natural and youthful appearance so you can face the world – looking your best!

Before After

Note the blind painful eye with an unsightly appearance before surgery to remove the eye.

Note the lifelike appearance of the artificial eye and surrounding tissues. Best of all, the patient is now pain free after surgery.

Your artificial eye

Each artificial eye (ocular prosthesis) is specially made for you, to fit your individually shaped socket and to conform to the shape of your irnplant. It will be hand painted in your presence to match your natural eye coloring. There will be no pain during the procedures and anesthetics will not be necessary. You will also receive a customized training regarding the cleaning and care of your artificial eye.

Before After

Many patients of Dr. Sherman’s patients tell us that it is often hard for strangers on first meeting to tell which eye is artificial because they have such a natural appearance.

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