Reconstructive Case 9

I chose Dr. Sherman because everyone told me she was the best in town. Now I know from personal experience she is the best in town! She changed my life forever. Thank you, Dr. Sherman! … Continue reading

Reconstructive Case 6

After my surgery—I had an eyebrow lift—I asked Dr. Sherman if there is something else that might make my vision better and make me look even more rested. We discussed Botox injections, and they make me look much more rested…and … Continue reading

Reconstructive Case 3

When I learned that I needed eyelid surgery, the only name that came to my mind was Dr. Debbie Sherman. She is a skilled surgeon, and above all that, she cares for each of her patients. I am very satisfied … Continue reading

Reconstructive Case 1

I’ve always had droopy eyes since I was a baby. I came to see Dr. Sherman about it. I was nervous and concerned, but she answered all my questions and she made me feel very well about it. I am … Continue reading

Reconstructive Case 10

I understand now what that old saying means…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I could see my father in the mirror more every day.  My upper eyelids had gotten so stretched and drooping that I couldn’t see but … Continue reading

Reconstructive Case 8

I was told that having thyroid eye disease I may experience changes around my eyes.  I was also told I may have prominent eyes, a staring expression and infrequent blinking.  I started experiencing eye problems which resulted in all symptoms … Continue reading

Reconstructive Case 7

Because of Diabetes, I lost the sight of my right eye. Soon after that, the pressure went up in my right eye to the point that the pain became unbearable, and the best solution was to remove the eye. Dr. … Continue reading

Reconstructive Case 5

I was diagnosed with skin cancer of the lower lid of the right eye.  Three office surgical procedures were necessary to totally excise the cancer.  My lower lid was scarred down and grossly retracted.  When I closed my eye the … Continue reading

Reconstructive Case 4

For many people, the discomfort from thyroid eye disease can be treated with topical lubricants, medications, or surgery.  While it may not be possible to completely eliminate all of the consequences of thyroid eye disease, surgery can be successful in … Continue reading

Reconstructive Case 2

My family and I have owned a greenhouse business for years.  I not only do the management part of the business, but I am active also in the planting designs.  My eyes have been “lazy” looking for years, and were … Continue reading

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