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Dr. Sherman enjoys serving as a medical missions volunteer at the Clínica Peña de Horeb in Cintilapa, Chiapas, which provides eye care to some of southern Mexico’s most impoverished inhabitants. Over the last fifteen years, Dr. Sherman has partnered with several other ophthalmologists to perform eye surgeries at the clinic, which was started in 1996 by Vernon and Grace Odom through their charitable organization Good News Friends.

Good News Friends founded Clínica Peña de Horeb as a medical ministry to serve the indigent people of Mexico, providing both eye and dental care to those in need. During the various medical mission trips, many different eye surgeries are performed. These eye surgeries include cataract surgery, surgery to straighten crossed eyes, removal of pterygiums (abnormal growth on the eyes), eyelid and orbital tumor removal, and surgery to open blocked tear ducts.

Dr. Sherman works alongside volunteer ophthalmologists from Louisiana, Virginia, Wisconsin, Texas, and Tennessee, as well as many other medical and nonmedical volunteers. She and her team participate in medical and surgical campaigns to treat hundreds of needy patients.

Many of these patients travel long distances and wait days to be seen, but they are always grateful for the compassionate care they receive at the Clínica Peña de Horeb.

During her visits, Dr. Sherman enjoys sharing medical techniques and knowledge with the local physicians that also volunteer at the clinic so that care can continue after she leaves. The results of the surgical care often change lives and restore sight so that patients are able to work and function in their everyday lives. However, Dr. Sherman and her team of medical volunteers can tell you that they have received the biggest blessing from the patients who have touched their hearts.

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