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Have you ever looked in the mirror or noticed that your face in pictures is looking more like a rectangle than an oval? This is a common complaint among women that see their face develop a downward pull or notice that their face is heavier in the bottom third.

We all know that an oval or heart-shaped face is the most attractive and that youthful and beautiful faces tend to be widest in the middle third rather than the bottom third of the face.

When the lower third of the face is heavy or fuller, there are several possible causes.

One of the common causes is a muscle called the masseter which can enlarge with time and widen the lower third of the face which can masculinize a female face and detract from the beautiful optimal shape.

Masseter hypertrophy is enlargement of the muscles used to chew, which creates a widened jawline. Patients typically notice they have a square facial shape due to the oversized masseter muscle. This is more commonly found in patients who grind their teeth, also known as bruxism.

Square face or a lower third heaviness of the face can be easily diagnosed by studying the position, size and strength of your masseter with a series of simple tests that can be performed at a customized facial analysis to determine your 360-degree beauty angle.

If massester hypertrophy is diagnosed as a cause of facial heaviness, the widened jawline can be reduced with a 5-minute injection. Botox is placed by a Master Injector to reduce the activity of the masseter-therefore ultimately slimming the jawline and creating a more oval facial shape over time. Because the muscle needs to be treated on overaction alone, a careful dose and sequential treatments must be undertaken.

This is a non-invasive treatment, and there is no recovery time necessary!

Trust your non-surgical facial shaping to an Expert!

Check out this before and after with just one treatment of Botox! Notice the more heart shape facial shape and feminine jawline which brings the attention back to her beautiful eyes!

Call today 615 297-5798 to schedule your optimal facial shaping consult to see if you can benefit from lower face non-surgical contouring….the possibilities are endless!

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