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Bridal Party Treatments with Zero Downtime!

Looking for quick treatments that will have your skin glowing on your wedding day? Sherman Aesthetic Center created this infographic that includes five bridal party treatments with no downtime! For flawless skin on your wedding day, Botox can be used to soften areas of the face such as forehead lines, crows feet, a perpetual frown and more. Our lip fillers such as Volbella, Restylane Silk, and Juvederm will give your lips the perfect shape and allow your lipstick to look flawless on your special day! Latisse and permanent makeup will allow you to wake up the day of the wedding with your makeup already looking great. Lastly, tighten, lighten, and remove unwanted hair with a laser and light therapy such as laser photo rejuvenation (IPL) or laser hair removal!

Contact Sherman Aesthetic Center to schedule your bridal party pampering day!

Bridal Treatments

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3 Approaches to Stop Brown Spots in Their Tracks

3 Approaches to Stop Brown Spots in Their Tracks!


Welcome to December! There is a chill in the air, Christmas is on its way, and your time laying in the sun is (mostly) gone.

Once your tan has worn off and your beach vacation is far, far away, “they” arrive. Photodamage in the form of brown spots seem to appear after your tan fades away.

I am often asked what the best form of treatment is to kick the browns. At a national laser conference I attended, one of the top laser experts in the country made an excellent point: “We can flush the brown out of your spots, but we can’t take away your spots.” Your spots will always be lurking beneath the surface. Even after they are treated, it is vitally important that you continue to use sun protection. Next summer, with a little more time in the sunshine, your spots will darken again, and we’ll have to clean house in the fall. But if we can fade them to the point that they hide better with makeup, it’s a win!

Here are three different routes for lightening browns from sun damage:


Laser is an excellent way to lighten hyperpigmentation. It is important that you stay out of the sun while receiving laser treatments. Our GentleLase Alexandrite laser has been a gold standard in treating photodamage for years. You will likely need around 4-6 treatments of laser at a time. Again…come fall, after a fun summer outdoors, you’ll likely need to come back for a little clean-up!

2. Topicals

There are several topical treatments that may be used year-round to lighten hyperpigmentation. Whether you use hydroquinone or non-hydroquinone products, topicals are a great way to keep your skin bright throughout the year.

3. Chemical Peels

A series of chemical peels will not only help lighten brown spots, it will improve your overall skin tone and texture and appearance of pore size. Chemical peels remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Your body will produce its own collagen, revealing brightened, new skin. We recommend a corrective series of 6 peels to put your skin through a customized skincare boot camp program designed to meet your individual needs. After this, you may continue to receive maintenance peels throughout the year.

Any combination of these treatments is even better if your goal is to “flush the brown out of your spots!”

And guess what the greatest preventative treatment is? SUNSCREEN! Always, always, always make sure your skin is protected with a good physical barrier SPF, even if you’re not planning on spending a lot of time outside. And remember…even though we feel like going into hibernation for the winter-the sun and its damaging rays do not! Sunscreen is just as important in winter to prevent brown spots from coming back! You’ll notice that the left side of your face typically looks more aged than the right. The reason? Sun exposure from driving in the car. So don’t skimp on the sunscreen.

Make your appointment with an Aesthetic Specialist today to get a customized skin assessment! We’ll help you develop a skincare plan that suits you best!






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Winter time= LASER TIME!

The tan has worn off, the weather is cold, and…your brown spots are out to play. You’re starting to regret days on the lake with no sunscreen. The cold weather is making your nose run, and you’re really starting to notice the broken capillaries after blowing your nose. On top of it all, your mustache is no longer sun-bleached; it’s dark and in full force…not a pretty picture.

The good news is…winter is the PERFECT time for laser! Laser treatments produce the most beautiful skin when you’re not out in the sun. To get that beautiful skin, you’ll need a custom laser treatment plan that suits your skin type and personal needs.

Laser FAQs

Q: How can a laser make my skin beautiful?

A: Our state-of-the-art laser treats unwanted brown and red spots, aggravating broken blood vessels, and
unwanted facial hair.

Q: When is the best time to have a laser treatment?

A: For best results, you must be out of the sun 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after a laser
treatment.(hint: It’s winter…now?)

Q: Do I need to stop using my topicals?

A: For best results, all retinol products need to be stopped 3 days prior to any laser
procedure. It is important to let us know about any other topicals/medications you are currently using prior to your laser treatments, as some medications make your skin more reactive.

Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: Most photodamage (brown spots) takes 2-3 treatments. Because hair roots are deeper
in the skin, hair removal requires 4-6 treatments. At Sherman Aesthetic Center, our
Aesthetic RN will analyze your specific needs and recommend the minimum treatment
you need for maximum results.

Q: I have blonde/white hair that bothers me. Can a laser treat that?

A: Because the laser treats pigment, only brown or black hair is effectively treated by
laser. If your unwanted hair is blonde or white, we do not advise laser. With laser hair
removal, you can see a significant reduction of hair, which reduces the need to shave.

Q: Is there anything my skin needs after laser?

A: Sunscreen is ESSENTIAL to protect your skin after laser and to prevent future aging
spots. Depending on your skin type and level of treatment, we will recommend a
cooling gel to reduce any discomfort associated with the laser. You will likely be
red and raised in the treated area. This is normal and indicates a good tissue response!

Q: Who performs the laser treatments?

A: At Sherman Aesthetic Center, the laser treatment will be given by either the Board-
Certified Physician’s Assistant or our Aesthetic RN, both of whom have extensive
training in laser.

Q: How long does one treatment take?

A: Treatments are quick! Often called a “lunchtime procedure”, it usually takes about 5-
10 minutes for small areas. 20-30 minutes for full facial photo rejuvenation.

If you’re interested in purifying your skin, laser is effective and delivers amazing results!

Call us to schedule your free facial skincare consultation at Sherman Aesthetic Center!

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