HA5 is the newest advanced topical in hydration, but what have we thought of it so far? Listen to the skincare experts who have tried it: 

Dr. Sherman-It feels like I am putting liquid silk on my face! 

Allie Schulert, R.N.- I noticed in a matter of minutes the difference it made in my skin! It looked more hydrated and healthy!

Elisabeth Bennett, PA-C-HA5 feels like a make-up primer. I noticed my skin looks healthy all day long and my patients ask if I have changed my make-up….actually, I have changed my skin!

Cindy-I used it one night and my face was changed by the next morning. Next to Botox, it is my favorite product with instant results!

Filler is the go-to product for deep lines and deflation in your cheeks, but why does it create such a natural result? We lose hyaluronic acid as we age-causing deflation of our facial structures, uneven texture, a dull appearance, fine lines and wrinkles. Filler replaces the deep hyaluronic acid –chiseling our cheeks, softening our marionette lines, and augmenting our lips–but our skin on the outside layer still needs topical hydration to fill in fine lines and uneven texture. The combination of treating the inside and out brings a youthful vibrance and structure to our skin.

HA5 goes beyond an ordinary moisturizer-it helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Past Hyaluronic acid products have been designed to sit on top of the skin which only works temporarily with no long lasting results. Because of the 5 different forms of time released hyaluronic acid, HA5 provides 8 hours of hydration-which allows your makeup to look flawless longer! It is also clinically proven to improve the skin with continued use- this product just continues to get better! If you would like to learn more, click on the link below to see photos demonstrating its unique hydrating mechanism or see a video describing how it works like no other topical. HA5 is available for purchase at Sherman Aesthetic Center! Stop by to get yours. You will love it!

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