Preparing your face for any special event can be daunting. What if I bruise? What if my skin is peeling when I’m supposed to be glowing for wedding photos? What if my lips walk into the room before I do?! 

The best way to prepare for these things is to plan ahead! 

A few months before your event, determine what your goals will be. Longer lashes. Smoother skin. Less frown lines. No more mustache. Make a list if you like.

Some procedures can take months of preparation, and others can be done even days before.

We’ll start with the time-consuming procedures.

Hair Removal

If you’re looking to zap unwanted facial hair, you’ll need to start early! Laser hair reduction is a process. Because your hair grows in different cycles, what is zapped with a laser in one treatment will be replaced by hair growing in another cycle. You’ll need 4-6 treatments, each spaced 4 weeks apart. Laser treatments can reduce unwanted DARK hair. Unfortunately, the blondies will not be affected.

Peels and Microdermabrasion

For smoother, more evenly toned, glowing skin, a series of chemical peels is a great thing! This is another procedure that is usually a process if you’re looking for improvement of longstanding issues (i.e. dull skin, hyperpigmentation, etc).  The best way to approach peels is to start light and then advance to deeper peels as your skin tolerates it. If you’re getting close to your event date, you can always opt for a lighter peel (with no active flaking) or microdermabrasion to give you a nice glow!


You’ve heard me talk about the fact that “no two faces are alike” in previous blogs. For this reason, it’s best to try Botox or Dysport at least 3 or 4 months ahead of your event to get the best result for your face. Be very cautious in coming to the office the week or a few days before your event if you’ve never tried toxins before for your frown lines, forehead wrinkles, or crow’s feet. First of all, these treatments take an average of 7-10 days to kick in. Touch-ups can be made by your Master Injector once your Botox or Dysport has kicked in to customize the treatment to YOU! So give yourself a little time to see what treatment pattern works best to give you the best, most refreshed look! You’ll feel more confident in your result for your big day!

Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are a beautiful thing. The results are seen instantly and can give life back to your face! While the results are seen immediately, bruising and swelling could hang around for a few weeks after. Give yourself enough time for bruising and swelling to subside…don’t risk a thumb-sized bruise for an important day! I recommend coming in at least one month before to ensure enough time for everything to settle. As always, make sure that you are being injected with the right product by the right person. A Master Injector. Nothing less…this is your face!


If you think of using toxins and fillers as “sculpting”, think of your skincare as painting the canvas. What lies beneath the surface may look wonderful, but if you’re not taking care of the canvas, you’re not looking at the big picture! Skincare is important! Make sure to ask your Master Injector about what you should be doing for your skin. They can make suggestions and help you choose the right products the day of your visit.

As always, we recommend coming to see us for a free facial analysis to discuss your goals, plans, and to help you with a treatment plan!

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