In our last post, we briefly touched on the differences between filler and Botox. Facial fillers fills, Botox stops the action of facial muscles that create wrinkles…a simple explanation.

I’m going to ask you to sit in my proverbial chair at the office. Take a look in the mirror. I want you to look past the angry lines between your brows, yes, even the wrinkles on your forehead. For a moment, let’s focus on your mid face. Often, the first thing that patients notice when we discuss volume deficit or the “falling face” is their nasolabial folds, or the “parentheses” that travel from either side of your nose down to the corners of your mouth.

The root of the problem is often not what it seems at first glance. As we age, our faces fall down and in, creating a saggy, tired, worn-out appearance. The first thing to fall and flatten? Our cheeks. We lose elasticity and, ultimately, support for the mid and lower face. Lack of support from the cheekbones creates a heavy nasolabial fold.

At this point your nodding your head incessantly and saying, “Fine, fine! Yes, I get it. But what’s the solution?!”

Never fear, my friends, Voluma is here!

Voluma is the latest hyaluronic acid filler to FINALLY make its appearance in the U.S. (it’s been out in Europe for years). Thicker and longer-lasting than its sister Juvederm, Voluma is FDA-approved for use in the cheeks to restore lost volume. It has high G-Prime (this, essentially, is bounce) content and can last up to 2 years, nearly double the duration of other fillers. Voluma adds support to the mid face, giving an instant lift to the cheeks…and taking pressure off of those pesky nasolabial folds.

As always, our goal at Sherman Aesthetic Center is to give you a natural appearance that is wholly YOU. We aim for improvement and for a look that makes people wonder, “What’s different?” Not “What did they DO?!”

Your liquid lift awaits!


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