Sherman Aesthetic Center created a Kybella infographic to discuss five things everyone considering the procedure should know.

  1. Kybella is the first FDA-approved injectable treatment to help contour and improve appearance of submental fullness, or “double chin.”
  2. Kybella is a 2-minute injection that destroys fat cells under the chin without surgery or anesthesia. The fat cells are then unable to store or accumulate fat.
  3. Most patients see improvement with two treatments, but more may be necessary.
  4. Each treatment session takes less than five minutes.
  5. The most common side effect are swelling and bruising, but almost all of Sherman Aesthetic Center’s patients return to work the next day!

For more information on whether Kybella is right for you, contact Dr. Sherman and her team for your consultation.

  1. sherman-kybella-5things
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