Volbella is the first FDA approved filler for lip augmentation and perioral rhytides-also known as the unwanted lip lines. Volbella is a soft, tailored filler that smoothes unwanted lines while creating a natural, subtle lip augmentation. Because of the lower hyaluronic acid concentration, patients can expect less swelling-that means even LESS downtime than ever before! This filler also has anesthetic to reduce pain, and advanced Vycross technology that allows for the lip to be defined, but not “done.” Just when you thought Volbella couldn’t get any better- it is the first lip filler to be proven to last up to 1 year!


Hollywood has created a stigma with lip injections-the bigger the better, or lip injections will result in a “duck lip.” But with the combination of Volbella –a smooth, gel filler- and a Master Injector, the lip lines soften, and you will be left with a subtle, youthful lip that takes just a pop of gloss before you walk out of the door.

The natural aging process of the lip from repeated movements creates fine lines, a loss of structure, and deflation to the body of the lip. Dr. Sherman and the Master Injectors at Sherman Aesthetic Center will analyze your facial structure and determine the most natural look to create a balanced, refreshed appearance.

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