Dr. Deborah Sherman

Dedicated to Enhancing Your Beauty with a Natural and Refreshed Look

Board certified and fellowship trained in ophthalmic plastic surgery, Dr. Deborah Sherman brings the highest standards of integrity with medical and surgical excellence, helping to enhance patients’ beauty. Her surgical expertise, artistic aesthetic approach, and sound judgment have earned her an international reputation for providing patients with refreshed and natural results.

Dr. Sherman’s extensive training includes award-winning research and clinical experience in eyelid anatomy, a fellowship in ophthalmic plastic surgery, and surgical reconstructive training in the area around the eyes.

Dr. Deborah Sherman has traveled throughout the United States and other countries teaching other physicians and nurses how to correctly perform Botox, facial filler treatments, laser techniques, and various modes of skin resurfacing. As an International and National Aesthetic Trainer, she has over twenty years experience in these rejuvenation techniques that make you look fresh and natural. She has been a guest on multiple local and national television shows and written various articles describing techniques for the aging face. She is a sought out speaker internationally and has received many awards for her extensive knowledge in her field.

See Videos of Dr. Sherman as the National Botox Expert in the Media

Whether you are looking to enhance your appearance by non-surgical means, want to rejuvenate your skin, or are looking to enhance your face with plastic surgery, Dr. Sherman and her team of well trained aesthetic nurses offer you the latest available treatments for beautifying your face, skin, and body.

We offer non-surgical, no downtime cosmetic treatments, such as:

At the Sherman Aesthetic Center, we understand that choosing a cosmetic procedure requires proper education and consideration. Whether you are considering a no downtime procedure or cosmetic surgery, we want to provide you with objective information to help you make an informed decision.

While you are in our care, we are committed to doing all we can to give you the safest treatment with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome. Rest assured, you are in the hands of a master when it comes to cosmetic treatments and procedures.

If you are considering plastic surgery around the eyes, Dr. Sherman is an expert in:

Dr. Sherman is also a renowned expert in many reconstructive procedures around the eyes.

At the Sherman Aesthetic Center, we pride ourselves on having a dedicated staff that treats you like family. We enjoy teaching, guiding, and caring for each patient throughout the plastic surgery journey. We are never too busy to answer your questions or take care of your concerns. Some of our staff have chosen to have plastic surgery themselves, so they know first hand what you might be going through, and are always very open to sharing their personal experiences with you.

It is because of this personal and warm atmosphere that we have people from all walks of life trust us with their ophthalmic plastic surgery needs. Often times many patients travel many miles to consult with Dr. Sherman because their family members or friends have highly recommended her for her skills, integrity, and compassion.

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