Vollure is the first FDA-approved facial filler designed for the number one treatment area, the nasolabial folds, which has been scientifically studied and proven to last up to 18 months.

Vollure is an evolved hyaluronic acid filler that softens lines and folds due to facial tissue loss.

“Vollure is exciting, as it has next generation Vycross technology which creates facial lift and full face volume enhancement that provides the longest-lasting soft and subtle filler we’ve had available to date,” says Dr. Deborah Sherman. “My fellow aesthetic physicians in Europe have used Vollure since 2013, and many claim it is their preferred and most frequently used facial filler because it is versatile, producing soft, subtle, and youthful results.”

Its unique formulation allows your face to look better because of subtle volume replacement that gives smooth results with improved facial shaping.

“Our patients are very excited about a new facial filler like Vollure that provides 18 months duration, which is 6 months longer than any previous filler of its kind.”

Studies show that retreatment at 18 months usually requires 1/3 or initial treatment volume.”

Juvederm Vollure should only be injected by a Master Injector. Dr. Sherman and her team of Master Injectors will perform a facial analysis to determine whether or not Vollure is right for you!

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