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5 Best Spots to Treat Yourself Right in Nashville

There is nothing more important than having a healthy body and mind. Sherman Aesthetic Center compiled the below list of the five best spots to treat yourself right in Nashville. From indoor cycling and cardio training, to Pilates, yoga, and paddle boarding, these five places will get your heart rate up while making sure you’re having fun. Check out one of these local places to treat yourself right!

Verticity Nashville

Feel the power of music at Verticity Nashville, an indoor cycling studio that is focused on helping you live your best life with a healthy body.

Align Wellness

Learn how to integrate movement, nutrition, and relaxation with yoga, Pilates, meditation, and more at Align Wellness.


Work on your strength and conditioning with an effective combination of kettlebell, TRX, rowing, and more at GetFit615.

Hot Yoga of East Nashville

Challenge yourself mentally and physically in hot yoga classes that will help strengthen your entire being at Hot Yoga of East Nashville.

Paddle Up Nashville

Dive into the water and give stand up paddle boarding a try for a more adventurous approach to exercise at Paddle Up Nashville.

Fitness Centers in Nashville

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